About Me

jessica dore

I approach tarot from the perspective that card work is inherently therapeutic. Tarot cards can help us see things from a range of perspectives, step back from and rework unhelpful narratives, and clarify our values. Card work can also inspire a felt sense of commitment to choices that promise to bring us closer into alignment with what we hold most dear.

I combine what I know from years of studying tarot, mythic symbolism and archetype with the sciences of behavior and psychology to help people recognize what’s keeping them stuck in old patterns, and what they might need to do in order to shake themselves loose.

I have done psychotherapy as a graduate student in both public and private agencies with people living with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, complicated and prolonged grief, PTSD, eating disorders, substance addiction, and attachment trauma. I’m especially interested in using tarot cards in community mental health settings with people across diagnoses and cultural identities to develop self-compassion, coping skills, and creative lives. My unique approach to tarot as a therapeutic tool has been featured in New York Magazine‘s The Cut.

Since 2011, I have worked as a writer and editor in the field of behavioral and psychological science first as a publicist and editor at New Harbinger Publications and later as a freelance writer. My writing has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, VICE, and Psych Central.

I have also studied ashtanga yoga for nearly a decade, and have taken in-depth practice with some of the most esteemed teachers in the lineage including the current head of the lineage, R. Sharath Jois. I am currently working as an assistant to authorized level 2 ashtanga teacher Meghan Kirk, who is the director of Mysore Philadelphia. Though it is not something I speak about often, my yoga practice is a part of a greater spiritual path that informs everything I do.

I have been influenced by the people and landscapes of the places I’ve lived and traveled, namely New Orleans, Jamaica, Central America, India, Northern California and New England. I currently live and practice in Philadelphia.

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