The best reading I’ve ever had – this woman is truly gifted. Attentive and intuitive, Jessica helped me to work through some very difficult life decisions, with a confidence and clarity I have never experienced before. She has a deep and nuanced understanding of the cards for an integrated reading that left me feeling grounded in my own, inner wisdom. For me, this is the ultimate goal when working with a tarot guide. I will definitely be seeing her again! – Ali Z., Oakland, CA

I turned to Jessica in hopes for some guidance with an up coming life change…Her presence was calming and confident. I briefly talked about the situation I was confused with and she helped me narrow down what it was I needed to ask. Hugely helpful when you’re feeling all over the place! The reading was amazing, I received not only clarity and understanding to my current situation but insight to the past 3 years and reassurance of my future worries. Jessica patiently helped me break every card down by asking very intuitive questions. I left the reading with more than I had hoped for along with a deep therapy session! Looking forward to many future readings with Jessica. – Justine P., Boston, MA

I’m a person that’s been cautious but open to readings in the past…I must say in all honestly that through Jessica’s insight and care throughout the reading, I was completely moved and amazed at what came out in this initial reading. Jessica’s work with me was thoughtful, insightful, and in-depth in such a way that I actually came away with a sense of direction. This really surprised and delighted me at the same time. I know we have to be open to let the cards fall where they may… But because of Jessica’s kind delivery and thoughtful expertise, I’ll certainly be revisiting her studio again for more mindful clarifications. Chris G., Oakland CA