Tarot Tuesday: Notes On Death + On Claiming Your Path

Tarot Tuesday: Notes On Death + On Claiming Your Path

Half way into the moon cycle, many of us are still feeling the effects of the massive release that occurred with the past Big Moon. It’s not surprising that the Page of Wands has found his way to us this week, ushering in the new with a spark that offers a deep-charged thrust toward transformation.

With the start of autumn, you’re balancing the need to be present — for physical, spiritual and mental health — along with the need to keep an eye toward the future in order to make preparations for winter. If you’re having trouble with indecision, or struggling with commitment, the Page of Wands asks that you root your focus firmly on the tasks at hand. To do so, trust that by bringing the best you can to the present, the natural, higher order of things will carry you where you need to go. The Six of Swords reaffirms this.

Question the extent to which preoccupation with long-term goals may be rooted in a lack of faith that what is meant to be will be. Goals are revered in our society, but if not used carefully they can easily degrade into futile efforts to control the future. Values, on the other hand, are purely compass points, which allow space for flexibility and change and the law of impermanence that governs the material plane.

Keep in mind that the human brain has been skewed through years of evolution, towards wanting to control the future. The Six of Swords is the classic reminder to “let go and let God,” or to allow your self to be guided by a higher power. It is a reminder that life’s answers are not all for you to know, at least not yet.

You are still feeling the aftershock from the great release that occurred with the Full Moon, because this letting go was no quick thing; it was a massive shift that created new frontiers and uncharted space in every room of your life. It is likely that some of what’s been left in the wake includes sadness around what it is that you are leaving behind. The Six of Swords is a beacon of hope that this transition is a needed one, an empowered one, and an instance of delayed gratification that will make way for the reaping of a richer, albeit slower, harvest in due time.

Because there has been a metaphorical death, you are being asked to challenge the very paradigm of the life/death cycle. Re-examine the idea that an ending, or dying, is a time of mourning. In many cultures, death is to be celebrated, for it is the one true marker of a new beginning. The reality is that the cycle of life and death is three-tiered, with life on each side of death, enveloping it. It goes like this: Life, then death, then life again.

Difficult though, as it still may be, you are undergoing a right of passage that will careen you into the next chapter of your life. Sometimes, having faith means trusting sadness, trusting loss, and trusting in the transformative power of grief. Trust that you are growing and building muscle in new ways that will surprise you down the road.

The Two of Cups brings a promise of connection this season; a connection that will provide much material for this next phase of life. The partner you attract now will be, as always, a perfect reflection of where you are at spiritually. In this way, the card is more about the individual than it is about the couple — it is about the way the work that you do with your self is intimately entwined with the people you link with.

Through your individual journey, you make your self whole so that you may become a part of something bigger in a healthy, functional way when the time comes. When you have reached a place of self-acceptance, this leads to the experience of being fully accepted by another. When you create a feeling of belonging in your skin, in your work, and in your vision, you are drawn to those who carry a vibration that communicates, “we belong here.”

On the other hand, Two of Cups may mean that the partner you’ve chosen or will choose at this point is here to fulfill a different purpose; to push you further toward self-acceptance by challenging, doubting, even outright rejecting who you claim to be. If you are experiencing disharmony in intimate relationship, the Two of Cups asks you to claim the gift of what is being reflected back to you.

If you feel unseen, for instance, in what ways are you refusing to see your self? If you feel rejected, which parts of your self have you yet to allow? If you feel a lack of belonging, in what ways can you dive deeper into the current of your life’s work and find belonging through the pursuit of your purpose?

It may sound trite, but it is true that until you are brave enough to walk the sometimes lonely path of being who you are — even when that means losing friends and breaking all pacts that said you would never abandon the miserable by becoming happy — that path that leads to who you truly are will be undetectable, invisible, and virtually impassible by all others. In other words, if you do not first claim your path, those who seek you, those who walk parallel and overlapping paths, can not and will not find you. 

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