Tarot Tuesday: The Wild Life + Love

Tarot Tuesday: The Wild Life + Love

When you think you need something, and you’re willing to go against what you know in your heart to have it, you’re under the influence of the energies brought forth with the Devil card.

Habits are hard to break and they die hard, for most of us. Addictions and patterns of behavior are sautered into our brains, ground deeper and reinforced with each repetition. It takes tremendous courage to even want to look at our patterns, with honesty and without ego. Breaking a habit often requires motivation of some sort, a prize promised at the finish line. 

The Devil is an unhealthy pattern, and the Two of Cups is the motivation that drives you to break out of it. Herein lies your most deeply cherished values of connection, equality, intimacy, respect and a love that flows freely in all directions.

When the Two of Cups shows up, a relationship that embodies these qualities is on offer.

Your pattern may be as simple as an unchecked belief that your wild, unbridled self and an intimate partnership cannot coexist and must be mutually exclusive. A core assumption that sacrificing some part of one’s self is a requirement for intimacy; that losing some of who you are is simply the price of admission for not living and dying alone.

To the contrary, The Two of Cups suggests that a recently emerged or quietly approaching partnership is on its way and it is one that will broaden and magnify your wild qualities, not stifle them. As Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés writes in Women Who Run With the Wolves, “The word wild here is not used in its modern pejorative sense, meaning out of control, but in its original sense, which means to live a natural life, one in which the creature has innate integrity and healthy boundaries.”

The Queen of Pentacles is the wild woman of the tarot deck. She is the medicine woman, psychic healer, body worker, maker, songstress, artist, mother, provider, farmer, home maker, caretaker and compassionate priestess. Fiercely committed and deeply attuned to her wild, divine feminine nature, she is in perfect balance with her surroundings. She is a well-muddled mix of sturdy and delicate, gentle and fierce, and being and doing.

The Queen represents a more deeply realized version of your self that actually emerges specifically through intimate connection, through learning to be vulnerable and to trust, and by growing into what it means to love, nurture and accept another without conditions. 

The Two of Cups represents a union that you have attracted with your true self and within which you will continue to realize the totality of your true nature, and to claim it. Inside this partnership of equals—in which your job is to never again play small or accept less than you need—you will be brought closer into alignment with your purpose here on Earth.

You will open and expand into new ways of healing, caring, nurturing, soothing, and inspiring those around you. You will know this relationship when you encounter it because it will be one that widens, lengthens and expands you, rather than steal away slivers of you, bits at a time, until you become unrecognizable.

When you’re in touch with your true nature, your actions are more likely to reflect your purpose here on Earth. Your gifts are more accessible and abundant, and the natural rhythm of your body dictates your workflow, mealtimes, sexual appetite, social life, and self-care rituals.

In the modern world with so many distractions it is easy to be pulled away from our natural state. But when you do drop back into your divine, wild nature, intimate relationship will no longer threaten, but inspire and support your natural way. When you are in touch with this way, the partnership you choose will inspire and sustain it.

The insecurities, judgments, and fears that the Devil brings represent the obstacles in your life—be they cognitive or physical—that keep you paralyzed in fear of being exposed or rejected for the imagined inadequacy of your true self. These obstacles pull you away from your true nature, but they are surmountable, and beyond them lies the promise of true belonging through personal authority, freely flowing unconditional love, and the irrevocable security of authenticity.

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