Tarot Tuesday: The Virtues of Being Brand New

Tarot Tuesday: The Virtues of Being Brand New

Aries is the baby of the western zodiac, and so as we enter into Ram season it is fitting that we are all being asked to make space for the experience of being brand new again.

What may feel like starting from square one is actually just an advanced step on the path; in reality you are exponentially more your Self and closer to living your truth than you were the last time you found yourself setting foot on a new path. Our habit is to see things as linear but this path is not linear. We are always beginning, ending, being born, dying, and giving birth to purer versions of our Selves.

No matter how far we think we have come, we must always be willing to start over. This willingness eradicates stuckness, and facilitates a natural state of flow.

When it comes to what you’re building, don’t lose touch with the fire and force behind what fuels it. Let it be your passion and values that push you forward and make you persevere even when you are feeling tired, tattered and torn.

If you can allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes and be vulnerable enough to do something that you’re not yet great at, that new skill will quickly flourish into a lucrative, sustainable life path—one that is aligned with your highest purpose and stimulating at the deepest levels of your creative being.

Whatever it is you’re working toward, keep pushing. There is always time and space in life to be a total beginner, a new kid on the block, or an amateur. Time is an ingredient that transforms an impossible feat into an easy one, and makes the fruits of your practice become plenty.

When you feel like you wanna quit, remember what drives you. It is okay to take a moment to recalibrate and come back to that core part of your Self that knows the “why” of the work.

Combine the forces of the practical and stepwise with the creative and emotional in order to set the direction for this next chapter. If you can manage to combine proper planning and organization with soul purpose, you will surely be unstoppable.

Though new ventures are often times of great uncertainty, The King of Pentacles reminds you that all the security you’ve ever dreamed of—be it material or emotional—is yours. Everything that you need is exactly what you have. Once you understand that energy is currency, you realize that you are rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Life really is a constant series of scrapping everything and starting over and it’s best we learn to live with that. We bring with us what endures the purging and tossing and cleansing. This is how the True Self comes to the light—not by adding things, but by removing the unreal. By constantly peeling away and trimming and seeing what stays.

Be okay with this process. Learn to love it. In this moment you are more attuned with your True Self than you ever have been. 

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