Tarot Tuesday: Trust Your Self

Tarot Tuesday: Trust Your Self

What is unknown is all too often the subject of anxiety, obsessive rumination, and fear. But for you, what you can’t yet see has become a gift that you are simply eager to receive, and excited to unwrap.

The Ace of Pentacles represents a surge of fresh energy and ideas in the realms of creativity, career, and emotional security. You are currently operating from a place of wealth and abundance, as opposed to a space of scarcity and lack, and it is exactly this mindset that continues to pour blessings on top of blessings towards you.

The newness that’s swirling about you now is making way specifically for something that will bring you a profound, unprecedented depth of emotional security. Money and material wealth may promise stability but are ultimately irrelevant if a sense of emotional safety is absent.

As you step forth fearlessly and embrace this next chapter, you’re re-evaluating what you require to truly feel safe. Perhaps you’re realizing that material wealth is not it, after all. The curious paradox is that when you cling to money for your whole sense of security, it can not flow freely, in either direction. 

Whatever your emotional relationship to money may be, the Ace of Pentacles arrives with the distinct message that whatever it is that you are planning, there are sufficient funds available. Because you believe that you have enough, are enough, and bring enough, you will continue to see your creative projects flourish and become profitable. Take advantage of this highly fruitful time to get paid to do what you truly want to do.

The Star confirms that favorable energies are enveloping you at this time and whatever path it is that you’ve chosen, you’ve indeed chosen wisely. Try meditation on The Star mantra: I am on the right path. I have made the right choice. I trust in myself wholly and completely. I have the answers I seek.

It’s common for The Star to emerge after a period of turmoil or imbalance. Have you been feeling lost and confused, mixed up, misled, or simply no longer sure how to proceed? Times like these can make you question yourself and doubt the credibility of your intuition, but The Moon reassures you that even when you cannot see clearly all that surrounds you, you always have an option to fix your gaze inwards on the still quiet voice within. In fact, at this time you must. Cultivate your connection to the voice. Listen to it. Learn to trust it. It will not lead you astray.

Over and over throughout the course of your life and for as long as you live, you will always come upon times of confusion, imbalance, and fear. The Star functions like a compass in these times, gently tugging you back to what matters, shining light into your blind spots, and asking you to have faith in what you know inside to be true.

The star is a boon in hard times, but it is likewise a guide when all is well. Better or more of what you’ve been enjoying as of late is on its way to you, your job now is simply to believe that it is possible.

The Star rewards faith in oneself, as does The Moon. Even if you are feeling more connected than ever among your community, family and friends, there is still a need to be loyal to your self first and foremost, and to honor what is right for you, above all.

The Moon cautions that there are shadow and unseen energies at play around you, so you’d be wise to tread carefully when it comes to taking what others say and do at face value. Watch for concealed gestures, expressions, and energies.

Use this opportunity, not to practice mistrust and skepticism in others, but to cultivate a stronger bond with your self. Build upon your ability to provide for yourself the security that is promised with the Ace of Pentacles. Now is a time to insist on self-reliance and be dogged in upholding your boundaries.

The new projects that are underway are uncharted territory for you— which is what makes them so beautiful — but you must rely on your own judgements and discretion more than ever. You may be unsure about the precise destination of the path you are on, but you know that you must travel it nonetheless. With the combination of The Star and The Moon, your intuition is doubly strong at this time. It is a tool that you need now, not an option.

In many ways, you are a pioneer, carving a unique path without a blueprint or road map, in a way that you’ve never seen done before. You may be experiencing doubts about whether or not it is even okay to do something that is so unprecedented, but leaning in to this uncertainty has the potential to bring you closer and tighter with your inner guide and true self. Wherever you wind up, this deepening connection to your self is a built-in reward. 

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