Tarot Tuesday: True Security

Tarot Tuesday: True Security

This morning, from within the warmth of my bed inside the safety of my home in Oakland, California, an earthquake shook me out of a deep sleep. Being in my home is one of the material things in this world that provide me with a sense of security when all else is chaos, and as the entire house shook with the Earth upon which it’s built, I made brief, but intimate contact with the illusory nature of material security.

When the Four of Pentacles shows up, you’re being forced to re-assess your relationship with money, and question the source of your overall stability. The security represented by the pentacles is often emotional and psychological, but veiled beneath financial and material matters. You may be feeling as though you need to grip and cling to what material assets or incomes you do have, but be aware that this compulsion has the potential to hold you hostage. The security and wealth of the King of Pentacles is available to you, but the Hermit is a reminder that true security will need to come from within.

Take an honest look at the sources of your security and question your resistance to change and flexibility around those; whether they be in the form of a relationship, job, client, living space, pursuit of higher education, or a particular line of work. It’s common and human to want to control one’s environment, and cash is often a vehicle in doing so — when we set and achieve particular financial goals, we earn a certain sense of having authority over our lives. We feel, at least momentarily, as though we are not only running the show, but doing so with grace, competence and capability.

Unfortunately, this sense of sovereignty over our environments can become addictive. You may be holding too tightly to things that create the illusion of control, and in doing so blocking the free flow of the true abundance and wealth that is promised with flexibility and an unshakable understanding that there is, and always will be enough.

If you are experiencing financial success, you’re being asked to hold lightly and avoid the temptation to become too attached to a sense of security that comes through material things alone. Money has the power to protect us from many things, but we will always be vulnerable to the constant change and impermanence that characterize our existence.

Some people simply do better with a certain level of material security, and this is perfectly acceptable. Living space, relationships, and a solid sense of purpose in the world each have the potential to provide at least a baseline level of stability. And these cards, each in their own way, suggest that this kind of security is, in fact, available.

Four of Pentacles and The Hermit suggest that to achieve the comfort, groundation and ease represented by the King of Pentacles, you turn emotional and mental energy inwards. Be selfish, and begin to treat your energy as you would treat your cash; regulate how much is flowing outward, and how much external energy is flowing inward. Budget, track output and input, and consider the effects on your overall sense of belonging and stability. Make adjustments as needed.

When you go inside and detach from the external world, you learn to defuse from the urge to find your sense of security through external circumstances.When you go inside and learn to detach from the external world, you learn to defuse from the urge to find your sense of security through external circumstances. The Hermit looks poor on the outside, but beneath his cloak he is a vast wealth of knowledge and wisdom that has come from preserving the resources inherent to his inner light and gifts. Use this opportunity to re-align with where you’re going in life, to pull back from the urge to earn and acquire, and to contemplate your true purpose.

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