Tarot Tuesday: Reality Slaps + Rebuilding

Tarot Tuesday: Reality Slaps + Rebuilding

We humans tend to stay in situations that are less than solid for longer than we should. Whether we hastily rushed through the process of laying proper groundworks from the get go, or our foundation is simply past its prime and starting to crumble, even when things feel shaky we tend to wait too long to jump ship.

And then, as if “suddenly,” we get thrown overboard.

The tower is a sudden, intense, your-agenda-is-literally-irrelevant kind of moment. Often disorienting, these moments tend to initiate major turning points in life. You are not simply being challenged to leave your comfort zone. You are being ejected from it, forcefully.

This card asks us to do inspections on the structures in our lives. Which are looking a bit unsound? Are people, jobs, things, ideas we cling on to for a sense of security really providing us with the peace and safety we crave? Or are they slippery, rickety, threatening to pull the rug out from under us at any given moment?

Whether or not we choose to acknowledge the sketchiness levels of certain constructs within our lives, the tower card shows up when inevitably, these things start to fall apart.

As hideous as these moments may feel, they’re actually some of life’s most beautiful and sacred times. They are times of deep cleaning, clean slates, and fresh potential.

The tower crumbles in order to create space. Space we can then move into, as our stronger, wiser selves.

So prepare yourself. For a period of rebuilding. And please, by all means, do NOT allow fear, insecurity, or simple laziness to have you reaching for some tired, uninspired replica of what was lost. The materials, the building site, the blueprint, the tools from the old structure…Dash them all away. Take what you’ve learned, put one foot in front of the other, and move forward. Allow for the new. Please.

Besides, no tower or physical thing in this world can offer us true security anyway. Make a commitment to finding that sense of peace and stability within, and watch how the material realm loses the strength to toss you around.

Tarot Tuesday is a weekly series focused on engaging the intuition, considering what matters most, and encouraging fresh perspectives. For more information about booking a tarot session (in-person or via Skype), go here.  

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