Tarot Tuesday: Fear + Hope + Choices

Tarot Tuesday: Fear + Hope + Choices

As we make our way along the path to becoming our truest, most authentic selves, we’re tested by situations and circumstances that ask: Are you really and truly ready to advance to this next level of being?

The Lovers card is about making a choice. It looks like it’s about love, and at the most basic level, it is. It’s about love, and the flip side of love – fear.

When we’re faced with tough choices, we may feel confused, torn, or ambivalent. We may feel as though we have been split down the middle, with one part of us going one way and another part of us going the other. People always tell us to listen to our gut, but what do you do when you have two very distinctive gut feelings, splitting you down the middle, pulling you in two opposite directions?

Intuitive knowing is so important, but contrary to popular belief, intuitive information is not always as clear and easy to translate into action as we’re led to believe it should be. So as we do our best to tune in to the ways we feel about things on a gut level, we can also ask ourselves the following questions:

What really matters to me?

Which choice makes me feel more expansive and connected when I think of choosing it?

Which choice would broaden and open up my world? Which would narrow or constrict it?

When we make choices we can also call upon faith and trust, not only in our own innate capabilities to navigate our lives effectively, but in the guidance of a higher, greater force. A force that negates the misaligned belief in the relevance of our individual agendas.

The Lovers ask us to think about our choices in new ways. When it comes to the things that scare us the most, like being alone, being truly seen, being successful beyond our wildest dreams, being rejected for who we truly are, and so on, how do these fears play into the choices we make?

And from deep inside the grips of fear, what are the choices that we hope for, more than anything?

Interestingly, when we do this kind of self-inquiry, we come to find out that the things that scare us most are usually very closely tied with the things we value most.

Just as we may feel intense fear when we imagine being alone forever, conversely, we hope deeply for true connections in life.

Here we have another choice. Between fear and hope, which of these motivations will we allow to drive our decisions?

The Lovers ask us to dive deeply into the difficult questions we encounter on our paths. Inside these questions, there is valuable information about who we are and how we are to live our lives.

Inside every important, challenging decision, there is a road map that instructs us how to identify and then move toward the things that matter most to us. The Lovers ask us to seek such maps, and then commit to our choices wholeheartedly.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela.

Tarot Tuesday is a weekly series focused on engaging the intuition, considering what matters most, and encouraging fresh perspectives. For more information about booking a tarot session (in-person or via Skype), go here.  

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