Tarot Tuesday: Self-Care, Stillness + The Struggle

Tarot Tuesday: Self-Care, Stillness + The Struggle

A balanced life goes through cycles of exertion and work that are followed by retreat, rest and recovery. Particularly when the nervous system has become hyperactive in the wake of experiences like loss, rejection, or deep disappointment, it is even more necessary to shift all systems back to stillness.

The stillness of the Four of Swords brings the opportunity to receive messages from Source that are available only in quietude. With so much around competing for your attention and baiting you to react, expect to be challenged by the call to be still.

Remember: It is okay that it is so hard to be still. The human brain is ill-prepared to manage the sheer volume of provocative content that bombards us all at once, from all directions, each day. Surely now, more than ever, it is important to learn the art of not reacting, and the skill to be still in the presence of stimuli.

And also remember that ego hates to be still. After all, doing nothing creates the feeling of being nothing, which is in direct conflict with the need to be special and seen. All of the above is an illusion. Notice it, and be still anyway.

The Seven of Wands reinforces the need to stand up and fight, but paired with the Magician there is a call to channel that warrior energy in a way that is guided directly by Source and the Source-aligned True Self.

There is, indeed, a fight ahead—one that will challenge you to be fierce in defining who you are and why you are here. But even still, this fight is not about ego. It is not about the self that is individual. This struggle is about the Self that is aligned with a higher good. It is about your role as a channel for light in this world.

And so, you are called to tap into a wiser and more steadfast version of the Self. But this can only be done if you can be still enough to create the space to receive, process, and integrate the messages being delivered.

Do not take for granted the valuable information that is available inside feedback from those around you, day-to-day tasks, the body, or simple flashes of insight that arrive when all is quiet. Our fast-paced culture encourages that we ignore this information, but we know better.

The Magician stands for what grows when consciousness and action are combined. When you can access stillness and spend time there, you create the opportunity to see all possibilities available and harness your energy to move toward where you want to go. As we know, this is not easy; stillness is often home to things we fear and impulsively avoid. But if you can be brave enough to go there, you will reap rewards.

While the Seven of Wands suggests a need to defend who it is that you are, the Magician is a reminder of personal power and sovereignty. No one gets to tell you who you are, what motivates you, or what matters. It may sound, on the surface, that this is ego-based, but Magician energy is quite the opposite. In this state, you open your self like a channel, and look to Spirit to receive your power.

After rest and self-care, you are most certainly asked to act. Stillness allows for recharging and the replenishment of life force energy. But this energy cannot be clung to or kept. In order for it to continue to flow, it must be discharged, and released as often as possible.

Indeed, true personal power comes from the ability to be constantly releasing. Rather than cling to feelings of power and control when you feel them emerge, the Magician asks that you constantly discharge. Remember that clinging—to anything—prohibits free flow and leads to blockage.

Practice the release and expression of your personal power without judgment. If you have indeed taken proper time to care for yourself, and allowed the space to refine your focus toward what matters, you can be confident that your actions are pure and in alignment with what is needed.

Stand firm in stillness. Stand firm in your power. Stand firm in what matters, and prepare to fight.

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