Tarot Tuesday: Surrender + Silent Growth

Tarot Tuesday: Surrender + Silent Growth

As we entered into the new month with a new moon last week, there was a sense that everything was in its proper place. The Ten of Cups this week continues in that theme with a feeling of stability and a sense of being at home. It feels as if all blocks that may have been clogging up the body’s energy centers have cleared for the time being and you are moving through life with a level of fluidity that feels, quite simply, easy.

You were asked last week to pause to rest and and appreciate all that you’ve accomplished, and how far you’ve come. Things were promised to kick up again, and I hope you have taken your rest.

The Ten of Cups reinforces that you are still in a state of enduring wealth and abundance, whether you have chosen to view things in this way or not. With two cards that pose the challenge of a new perspective—the Five of Cups and the Hanged Man—it is quite possible that any stress you may be feeling around finance and material wealth may come down to a need to reframe the way you view these realms, and to re-define what it is to not have enough.

The euphoria of the Ten of Cups will continue to be on offer for you as you march forward in the month, but only under the conditions that you don’t waste energy focusing on what is lost or lacking, overlooking what blessings remain.

Has a situation in your life not turned out the way you had hoped? Has a door closed that at one time seemed an attractive option? Did you lose a partner, a friend, or a close relative? Has an exciting job opportunity or a potential new client been lost or even snatched out from under you?

If you have been on a spiritual path for long, you may be familiar with the almost universal proverb: We make plans, and God laughs. And it is true. The vast majority of the time, our lives do not go precisely according to our agendas.

We make lists of things we want and set goals to accomplish, and often times we even acquire and achieve such things. But rarely, if ever, do we know with precision exactly what it is that we truly want or need before the fact. Rather, we find what’s best for us through a series of trial and error, and a continued yielding to the realities of situations as we encounter them.

How many times have those things that you’d thought you wanted turned out to be not so sweet after all? Or have things that you’ve resisted turned out to be, after all, quite pleasant?

We are not all-knowing beings, and we don’t have access to the breadth and scope of all options available at any given time. When things don’t go our way, it is often for the best, is it not? What is lost is an opportunity to start anew, what has closed is an opportunity to seek a new opening, and what is emptied creates space for something fresh to blossom. When we are one with God/Spirit, we do not fight against this basic truth.

Accept the natural order of things and respect the way in which what is out of your control unfolds. As humans, it is simply beyond our sphere of influence to fix the things that God/Spirit has deemed broken. When things are easy and pleasant, enjoy it. When it is the opposite, recognize that this, too, is the work of the Most High. 

Focusing on those things that spill out of your control will sap your energy and leave you depleted. As you spin your wheels trying to judge or come to terms with what has been mashed up or lost, you are too preoccupied to see new opportunities emerge. This is where surrender comes in.

The Hanged Man is the enlightened yogi, who has attained oneness with all simply by abstaining from the struggle against what is. When you understand that the fight against reality is futile, you have experienced a substantial advance on your spiritual path.

In the face of a bump in the road, an obstacle or supposed setback, the Hanged Man asks that you suspend action and decision-making, even if you are wrestling with urges to fix or escape. In waiting, you create space to switch into a less reactive state of mind, while allowing additional attractive options to emerge.

In your exact situation, right in this very moment, there is the potential for deep emotional fulfillment and an experience of having all that you need and more. There is possibility for connection, creativity, security, stability, joy and fulfillment. Wellness is available, and is only a matter of patience and perspective. The Hanged Man is yet another reminder that there is nothing to do at this time, or at least nothing physical. Your work now is internal; it is about perspective, focus, and the mental exercises of both patience and gratitude.

Be willing to forgo the temptations of instant gratification in favor of a higher cause, or to lose something lesser in order to fulfill a deeper, greater vision. Now is a time to be concerned with your spiritual connection to the world, and to dust off and shine the internal lens you look through. It is not so much about what’s in front of you, but how you go about seeing.

When you suspend action, or withdraw from the world or go inside, keep in mind that it is only on the outside that things will appear to have come to a halt. Do not bother with the opinions of others. What they may see is but another trick of perspective, a matter concerning that which is hidden from plain sight. Fear not. At the spiritual level, things are shifting dramatically.

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