Tarot Tuesday: Out with the Old

Tarot Tuesday: Out with the Old

The Tower and the Ace of Cups are an unlikely, but natural pair.

Often the greatest potential for connection to the true Self is uncovered in the most earth-shattering moments.

The Tower emerges when there’s a radical, sudden and often surprising shift in relation to your sense of reality and security in the world. It doesn’t always need to be completely surprising; oftentimes there is an underlying higher or unconscious knowledge at play, as the tower depicts the lifting of the veil and the seeing of things clearly, fully, for the very first time.

Nothing is permanent, yet our minds seek situations and things with enduring qualities in order to trick ourselves into the comfortable delusion that there is constancy in this life aside from change. Even if what we cling to for that sense of continuity is pain, struggle, misery, or abuse, the ego’s quest for the unchanging will choose the constant over the unknown, still.

But a rotten foundation comes with a time limit, always.

And the things we cling to for our sense of familiarity and safety often become objects upon which we play out our old wounds and patterns. When the Tower crumbles, we are asked to elevate higher.

The lightning that strikes the Tower in the image on the card represents the inescapable influence of a higher power. Whatever it is that has happened to bring about this level of destruction, know that it is a message from God and that this tearing down of the old is entirely necessary in order for your Ace of Cups to emerge.

Give thanks for this flash of enlightenment, however uncomfortable it is.

What structures in your life are breaking up and disintegrating?

You are in the throes of a great cleanse, and there is a clear choice between old self-destructive, self-deceptive ways, or new ways that are based in wisdom and brutal honesty.

Acknowledging what you’ve learned throughout this process and being willing to carry that knowledge into all that you do moving forward will bring positive change beyond what you’ve previously known to be possible. The choice is all yours.

The Ace of Cups is here to gently remind us that the Tower, though ominous, is nothing to be afraid of. With this clearing comes the potential for enlightened growth and stronger foundations. What is to come is more beautiful than your old life could have made space for you to even imagine.

The Ace of Cups is also here to remind you that what governs and lays beneath all of this upheaval is love. Love can tear down what is wrong and misaligned just the same as it can build up what is proper.

If this week’s reading finds you in the throes of a Tower moment, I encourage you to Google the Ace of Cups. Read its various meanings and find hope in what it represents. This hope is here for you throughout any and all darkness. It is the cup of enduring life force energy. It is pure love and it is real and available for you to drink from, now and always.

The Knight of Pentacles and Knight of Swords together indicate the balance that you must strike in moving forward. Resist the urge to rush and skip over any difficult feelings that are kicked up in the dust of the Tower’s ruins. That is what the immature, hasty Knight of Swords might do.

Knight of Pentacles, on the other hand, asks that you take things one step at a time. Sift through what is left with care and compassion. There will likely be temptation to charge into new situations in order to avoid making contact with unpleasant feelings associated with failure, loss, grief, inadequacy, shame, self-doubt and all else that is born from the Tower’s fall.

But the wisdom you were meant to glean from this crumbling is tucked inside the difficult feelings. They must each be dealt with kindly and properly in order to rebuild something more solid, healthy and enduring.

Knight of Pentacles is known by some readers as the Builder, and so it is in divine timing that he appears in today’s spread. Although you may feel disoriented now, you have all the tools that you need to rebuild in a manner that will better suit you and your deepest longings.

The Tower is often feared and misunderstood. In fact, it is the highest blessing. Allow what is meant to be cleared to be cleared. Welcome this new opportunity.

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