Tarot Tuesday: Trust + The Benefits of Practice

Tarot Tuesday: Trust + The Benefits of Practice

Last week the seven of wands card warned us about the dangers of holding too tightly to ideas about who we are and how those ideas can keep us stuck. We tend to measure ourselves against what we see around us, what we’ve learned from the way others treat us, and the predominant cultural beliefs that surround us. These measures alone are not sufficient. But that doesn’t mean we can not still reach a place in which we can relax into our being.

This week’s reading finds you in a state of flexible awareness—you are neither clinging to any one idea about who you are nor shunning the notion of the self entirely—you are combining both the beginner’s mind and open heart qualities of the Sun card with the refined, luxurious, self-reliant nature of the Nine of Pentacles.

In this present moment, you may not be feeling the entirety of your inner light, but trust that with each day that passes you are moving closer toward the bright warmth of self-trust, self-assuredness, and self-confidence. To the extent you are able to limit the need look to others to validate or recognize the gifts you bring, you will continue to benefit from the light of your being, and the people who are meant to walk this path with you will be more readily able to identify you when they see you.

The Nine of wands speaks to a period of life in which you are fully available to and grounded in the richness of the present moment. Whereas a younger you may have been rocked and even uprooted by the intrusion of troublesome thoughts or feelings, you’re beginning to experience the benefits of commitment to a structured spiritual, meditation, yoga, or mindfulness practice.

You’ve been diligent, devoted and disciplined, though long periods of time may have passed by without ever feeling the fruits of your efforts. You may have even found yourself asking, “is this shit working?” The presence of the Nine of Pentacles represents a resounding YES.

You are calm in your being. Thoughts of jealousy, inadequacy, guilt, shame, emptiness or confusion continue to exist, and are welcome to pass through without causing a ruckus. Yes. Your practice is working. Side note, for those who feel a lot, check out this new study on emodiversity which found that “a rich emotional life is broadly beneficial.”

The woman in the Nine of Pentacles card is an image of refinement, luxury, and optimism. Like her, your feet are planted firmly in the material reality within which you find yourself, but you are also standing in a solid mental space; one that is as expansive and broad as the sky. For the first time in your life you are identifying more as the context within which your thoughts and feelings pass through, rather than as the thoughts and feelings themselves.

You are curious about the material your mind is producing, respectful of its creative power, and yet you are detached—observing.

With the presence of the Sun card, it’s evident that you’ve committed to pursuing the things that you’ve known in your heart to be right for you. When others scoffed, or doubted, or questioned your path, you rode forward because to you, the path was clear as day. Though you may not have always known exactly what would come of your studies, endeavors, travels, projects, and collaborations, you were guided by a childlike optimism and true faith in the light of your intuition to guide you. As a result, you have matured into the Nine of Pentacles; rooted in a deep acceptance of what is, and actually quite unshakable.

Moving through life lately is like taking a stroll through a lush garden. Sure, troublesome and anxious thoughts still pass through, but they perch lightly on your fingers, requesting acknowledgment before going on their way. Because you have become so firmly rooted in an understanding of the way your mind works, you’re able to engage productively with thoughts that once terrified you, or triggered you into avoidance tactics. You greet them with an attitude of friendliness and curiosity, which allows you to finally see them clearly for what they are; harmless figments of the imagination.

This quality of stability within your being which disempowers thoughts and feelings from causing a physical disturbance is the basis for which the next card, the Four of Wands will be built. Because you have created a sense of security within yourself, you have launched yourself into a higher realm of beings; you have made yourself available for next level-type relationships that will reflect the peace and safety you’ve created within.

Make no mistake, life has not always been like this for you. You have been through long periods of time when the sun did not shine at all. You have not always adorned yourself in lavish golden gowns, or stood in fragrant, blooming gardens. Your thoughts and feelings have driven you to do things you’re not proud of today. Many times in your life you have not felt free at all—let alone as free as a naked baby riding a white horse through a field of sunflowers.

Difficult times have happened, or are in the process of playing out now. But you have developed a new relationship to them. You have been diligent in your practice. You have grown. You have advanced to the next level. Prepare to receive your blessings.

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