Tarot Tuesday: Moving Beyond Words

Tarot Tuesday: Moving Beyond Words

If you have ever meditated or tried to focus on the breath for more than one or two seconds, you’ve probably noticed the constant stream of words that flow through your mind at all times. Language is the way that we as humans have evolved to make sense of the world around us, to connect with other humans, and to maintain a sense of sovereignty over our selves and our surroundings.

Yet language imprisons us. The stories we tell our selves and others are typically ego-driven attempts to define reality. As such, they tend to fall short. There is always—with no exceptionsmore than what words can tell or illustrate.

We label and describe the world in an attempt to know it, often oblivious to the reality that by naming and labeling we are actually building barriers between our spiritual selves and our experience. In this way, words become a buffer from the present moment. Without realizing it, we use them to avoid feeling the rawness of what is in front of us. We must re-learn to inhabit that space of uncertainty, beneath and beyond the false safety of verbal knowing. 

Words are for intellectual knowing that leave space for only a small percent intuitive or visceral knowing. Think about the word “feeling,” i.e. “I have a feeling that this is not right for me.” In the world we live in, having “a feeling” is not an acceptable way of expressing what it means to truly know. We have been taught that having a feeling is simply not sufficient. Knowing must be intellectual, or not at all.

And so we tend to ignore, discredit, or neglect that which cannot be expressed in words.

The High Priestess is the deep, real part of your experience that cannot be written in words. It is the part of you that you cannot tell, and that no one can tell to you. Over many years of evolution as a species, this part of our being has become cut off, neglected, and ignored to the point that we forget what it feels like. This part of our being has sickled and shrunk. Let us revive it.

It is the last Tuesday of the year. Moving forward, may we make efforts to tap and touch that which we cannot explain or label. As we face a world that is deeply in need of healing, let us resolve to move more into the parts of our selves and our experiences in the world that are dark, untouched, undiluted by the “light” of language. Let us act less on story lines and more on what is at the heart and core of each narrative. Let us learn to hear what lays beneath the constant chatter and static of language and the never ending flow of stories.

Let us get to the heart of what’s happening. Let us go beneath the verbal conflicts and dramas and ask what is really going on here. Let us understand and feel what this is really all about, even when it scares us. And then let us move from that place for the higher good. Let us continue to evolve. 

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