Tarot Tuesday: Coming Home to the True Self

Tarot Tuesday: Coming Home to the True Self

Movement, busyness and doing are core themes of our modern lives. Too often, we are in a rush to get somewhere—anywhere—except for where we are now. This energy is highlighted this week with the Eight of Wands; a card that also brings the potential for rapid and significant change.

But the quality of this transformation depends on whether that change is grounded in the essence of our highest, truest selves, or driven by avoidance and the conditioned reluctance to sit still.

Eight of Wands can involve an urge to take action without being mindful of impact. To act without having thought deeply about what actions mean is an insult to consciousness. It is one thing to act on distraction, quite another to act on a deep calling of the soul.

Our resistance to simply being often blocks the experience of the True Self—the Self that doesn’t go anywhere or do anything but simply is, and has all it needs.

We have been taught that to “find ourselves” means to go out into the world and take action: To find a passion, a hobby, a career, a life path, a community, a leadership position, and an identity that is defined in its entirety by what is outside.

But the True Self is none of these things.

One of the world’s great contemporary spiritual teachers, Mooji, has said:

Find your life, which has nothing to do with any thing, first.

We have bought into the lie that to find an understanding of “who we are,” we must go outside of ourselves. We have bought the lie that we must add things, people, and experiences to the fabric of our lives, one by one, until we some day we are finally full.

But our true life force—that indestructible essence that we are made of, deep down—has nothing to do with any of these things.

With so much always happening, so much chaos and distraction and attention harvesting, we on the spiritual path are being asked to find who we are beyond the labels, the actions, the doing, the making, the data, the numbers, the words…We are being called back to who we are without the “selfing.”

When we are submerged in the chaos and rapid doing energy of the Eight of Wands, we may find that we feel like animals who have lost the scent of the path we were meant for. We may find our bodies running this way and that with a sense of confusion and a frantic, rabid seeking.

We get lost looking everywhere for our Selves, that is, everywhere but where the Self actually is: In the stillness and quiet that does nothing, and is nothing.

We lose touch with the part of us that just is.

As Mooji has also said:

Step into the fire of self-discovery. The fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.

The life force that is within us is real, and like the Sun’s illustration of the naked baby on the white horse, it has nothing to do with the physical, outside world. Realizing the True Self is not about finding, or any other kind of seeking or doing. It is about removing and burning away those things which are not us, rather than adding more and more stuff until one day we realize wholeness.

That fire of self-discovery is the sun, and you are now being asked to return there. Come back to the Self that is not haunted or shaped by the need to be better, do better, be more, do more, perform and display and constantly show the world a projection of a self that is reliant on masks and props and costumes and words.

According to the Chinese calendar, next week marks the beginning a new year, the year of the Rooster. If nothing else, the rooster wakes us up. Those born in this year will be born under the element of fire, and it is not surprising that this time will be characterized by intensity, passionate acting and emoting, and a bubbling up and blistering of collective wounds.

But this fire, too, has the potential to bring us closer to our True Selves, and to burn away all that which distracts or detracts. It is no accident that the Eight of Wands, the suit of fire, has appeared in the reading today.

When we stop trying to do and control everything, we make ourselves available in new, surprising ways. The Ace of Swords speaks to flashes of pure awareness and insight and it is clear that these arrive when we take our rightful place in the space of the True Self. From this space, we can hear and respond to what calls to our souls, and ignore that which simply calls to distract us.

Nestled in the seat of the True Self, in which we allows ourselves to simply be, and to do nothing for a while, we make ourselves available to receive the messages that are meant for us. When we relax into our own emptiness, we make space for a deeper, sharper, clearer understanding of how to be in this world. To be still does not mean to suspend action forever, it just means that we get quiet enough to hear how Spirit is instructing us to move forward.

From this place, we can do and act with purpose. We no longer feel lost and confused. We have dropped the narratives. We have been still, listened, and felt. As a result, we have made ourselves available to receive sacred information.

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