Tarot Tuesday: Karma + The Beginner’s Mind

Tarot Tuesday: Karma + The Beginner’s Mind

Imagine everything you need to be to bring your highest vision to fruition. Now imagine that you are that. This is the good news that the Page of Pentacles brings: You have all the tools you need to execute your vision, it is just a matter of mindset.

If you’re experiencing doubts about not having the skills to make your dreams a reality, embrace the qualities of beginner’s mind and allow yourself all the time you need to be a student. Keep in mind that the Page of Pentacles is the young Queen (or King) of Pentacles; she is just in the early stages of building her empire. We all start somewhere.

Note the posture of the Page of Pentacles. She has her eyes on the prize. I suggest you do the same. Being an expert is not a prerequisite for taking significant steps toward your loftiest  ambitions.

Seven is the number of faith, and Seven of Pentacles suggests that it will be your faith in the unseen that will carry you through the less glamorous stages of the process for what you’re building. Seven is also a number of mysticism and magic. Everything is happening in perfect timing.

After all, Justice reminds you that this work you’re doing now is your karma. Karma is not as simple as “what goes around comes around.” It is about accepting our unique life path and understanding that who we are in any given moment has been shaped by the decisions we’ve made throughout our lives.

To put in the work of self-discovery and pursue your most deeply cherished visions is a choice. To stick your head in the sand until you’re good and ready to emerge is a choice. To stay asleep for an entire lifetime and refuse to engage is a choice. Each choice shapes where you are now, and where you will be this time next year, and where you will be in the years to come.

True justice is about taking a hard, honest look at how our actions have shaped our particular circumstances. Ten of Pentacles suggests that as long as we make the choice to devote ourselves to continuous learning, to accept the vulnerability that comes with being a beginner, and to stick with what matters most through the mundane and boring aspects of the journey, we will achieve the kind of success that we seek.

This week’s theme is work, and you are at your best when you are taking good care of yourself, eating a healthy diet, prioritizing sleep and keeping your physical environment clear and clutter-free. Coming back into balance is as simple as remembering the natural laws. Your choices today will affect where you find yourself and how you feel tomorrow. This can be for the better or for worse, the choice is always yours.

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