Tarot Tuesday: Justice + the Soul Journey

Tarot Tuesday: Justice + the Soul Journey

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Contrary to popular cultural belief, justice has absolutely nothing to do with punishment. Justice is about the worlds we create for our selves through our actions. It is a part of all of our soul journeys.

Justice is in those moments of life when our past actions bear fruit, whether that fruit be sweet tasting or bitter. We are being blessed with the ability to see into the “why” and “how” that have led to the present, and the motivation to act rightly based on what we see.

Though the true Self transcends beyond the physical world, in this dimension we live out the true Self through action.

An important distinction here is that the action of Justice refers specifically to action that comes through awareness. True action involves understanding why we do the things we do, and what is to be learned from what “works” or doesn’t. True action takes into account what must shift or fall away in order to elevate spiritually.

And so all behaviors that aren’t in alignment with the truth about cause and effect are not true action.

Most of us move through our lives believing that we are free, but many of us have not stopped to question what drives us to act the way we do. Until we have taken adequate time to investigate the root of our behaviors, our impulses will control our actions and thus the fruits we receive will be random. They could be good, bad, or ugly, but without an understanding of the seeds that bore them, we are helpless.

Take a close look at why you do the things you do. Do you unconsciously block your blessings through self-sabotage? Do you play small because you have never examined deep fears about being truly seen? 

And as for the other cards, the skilled tarot reader will notice that the reading today is full of red. The robe of the woman in the Justice card is red. The boots of the Page of Swords and the character in the Eight of Cups are red. And lastly, the cap of the Two of Wands is red.

Over the last few weeks, the cards have spoken of finding stillness in order to tap higher information sources, to access the wisdom of Spirit. From this still quiet place, you’re receiving insights about what sets your soul on fire and what makes you feel connected and alive.

We see this fire in the red all over this reading. The color of courage, passion and life force dominates the Justice card, envelops the feet (physical movement) of the Page of Swords and Eight of Cups, and permeates the head (higher consciousness) of the Two of Wands. Notice this progression from understanding, to true action, to spiritual enlightenment.

The Page of Swords and Eight of Cups both wear red on their feet, which implies that as you integrate what you’ve learned through your karma—or by examining the effect that your past actions have had on your present—you are now moving in a way that is aligned with your soul purpose. You have received and answered the call to be your truest self and you are ready to move accordingly.

This can be scary, though. It may require leaving something pretty damn good behind. It may be time to let go of security, comfort, even emotional fulfillment. No matter the context, the message of the Eight of Cups is often simple: You must be brave enough to ask for more.

You may find yourself wondering, “who am I to ask for greatness when I already have it good?” This is the sabotage that the Justice card warned about. Take as much time as you need to examine the beliefs that may be holding you back from coming into alignment with what your soul seeks, and then harness the courageous energy of red to release them.

The Two of Wands, with red in the crown chakra, asks that you let your highest visions flood your consciousness. You may already live in a castle. You may sit like royalty among the finest crystal and granite. You may wear the softest fabrics and the rarest gems. You must dare to dream bigger.

You will soon see that when you are brave enough to take true action—action that is in alignment with your highest Self—material, worldly things cease to matter. True action, the intentional, rightly focused action that Justice speaks of, will yield more sweet fruits than you can eat.

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