Tarot Tuesday: Individuality + Communion

Tarot Tuesday: Individuality + Communion

This Sunday coming is a New Moon, and with a New Moon is a call for strength, willpower, and courage to get things done in a way that is aligned with the True Self, the higher purpose, and the great vision that has been unearthed through the release that occurred with the Big Moon two weeks ago.

The Chariot and the King of Wands paired together are the strongest reflection of willpower, capability, and strength. Their combination is a sign that the skill to take a vision and drive it into the material world is fully accessible at this time. There is an energy of success and achievement about you, and an overall experience of personal authority and control. 

The feeling of power that this pair of cards represents is pleasant for the ego, which needs to be in control and prefers the illusion of running the show over the reality of the need to surrender. You are accomplishing things that are affiliated with your unique gifts and personality, and while perhaps ego-based, this is certainly not a bad thing. You are entering into a phase of rapid accomplishment and progress, and the shifts that are happening as a result of the choices you’re making are putting you in close touch with your power.

Whatever it is that you’ve set your sights on, the King of Wands blesses you with the ability to hone in and manifest. You are under the influence of the masculine quality of going out and getting, paired with the heightened ability to focus on what it is you’ve chosen, and to claim it.

But it’s important to remember that these accomplishments are related to your external personality, and the idea that you have a unique purpose and set of gifts to bring. This is not a problem, in fact it is quite important, but there is danger in too much emphasis on setting one’s self apart from the rest.

This focus on the Self above all can feed the illusion that we are in fact separate. Left unchecked, this belief can block the dissolution of ego; a necessary process of maintaining connection with Spirit.

So, Three of Pentacles reminds us in our egotistical state of achievement, accomplishment and personal power, that partnership and the coming together of different individuals creates something greater.

Through connection with others, we experience a greater capacity for creation and the realization of visions that are less about the individual and more aligned with a collective notion of the True Self. Certainly, the distinct sense of self that is represented by The Chariot and King of Wands takes time to develop, and took work to establish. But the next level to this growth is cooperation from that place.

Paradoxically, the realization of the True Self is most accessible through secure and safe connection with others. It is through healthy, solid interdependence that we feel the most safe to reach out and claim the gifts that are uniquely ours to bring into the world.

With one foot in the reality that at the most basic energetic level we are all one, the Three of Pentacles encourages a place of interdependence that shows the ego dissolving and actually heightens the King of Wands energy, making it stronger, more vital, and more productive. It is, in fact, through connection and healthy reliance on one another that we are most able to access our True Self and the individual gifts we each have to offer. 

Whatever it is that we came here to do as individuals can be done that much greater when we are in stable connection with those around us. And so there is a call to balance the individual expression of your unique gifts with the ability to work in tandem with the gifts and offerings of others. These two qualities certainly can feel conflicting at times, and so there is a new layer of learning to take place this cycle, which promises to bring you closer in connection with others and thus, in communion with Spirit. 

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