Tarot Tuesday: The Empowered Student

Tarot Tuesday: The Empowered Student

Last week’s Full Moon eclipse initiated a massive shedding of old skin and otherwise outdated, ill-fitting relationships, beliefs, and ways of being. As you advance on the path of releasing the inessential in service of uncovering the true self, identifying and protecting your energy against so-called ‘toxic’ people and situations has become easier.

Your intuition is growing stronger, and so is your faith in it’s wisdom. You have done much work around boundaries, so much so that when you make contact with situations or people that feel jagged, dysfunctional, draining or otherwise dangerous, it is easier than ever to disengage when doing so is called for. 

This week’s spread speaks to the second, and perhaps more challenging tier of boundary work. The Seven of Wands paired with the wise Hermit suggests that your work now is around understanding and holding boundaries with those you love, respect, and honor. It is one thing to honor one’s self through creating space between those who bring confusion, chaos, and delusion; it is yet another to create space to honor your own wisdom alongside that of those you respect and look up to.

As you grow into your intuitive knowing, you are beginning to realize that the best teachers, leaders, and even lovers are not those who expect blind adherence, obedience, or to be put on pedestals. Your task now is to walk with your confidence, and in the knowledge that no one is higher than you. Don’t idolize people. The Hermit too, like all wise teachers, spiritual guides and otherwise venerable people, is human.

A true and honest sage anticipates and expects to be challenged. It is par for the course in a student’s coming into his or her own divine wisdom. In this sense, a boundary is about understanding the clear definition between where the teacher ends and the student begins. It is about the knowing that while the teacher figure—whether formal or informal—plays an important role on any spiritual path, ultimately we, ourselves, are the sole source of the answers we seek.

To the sage, when the student demonstrates the ability to make a decision for his or her highest self—a decision that prioritizes one’s ability to be of service in the unique way that only he or she was designed to do—this is the indication that teachings have been transferred and their value acquired.

The Magician speaks to capability, skill and mastery, and so through this work of becoming a guru unto yourself, in a sense, you become empowered to live by the rules dictated by your true self and higher knowing. When the Magician shows up in a spread he blesses us, and tells us that whatever it is we truly wish to do, we have been well-prepared and are adequately equipped to do so.

It is likely that in the wake of the Full Moon, you know exactly what it is you need to do as you enter into the Autumn season. Trust that you have the skill to execute your plan, and this includes the hard-won skill to be flexible in the face of the unexpected.

One last thing about the medicine that The Magician brings: Knowing what you want in life is the most important step in getting it. You may have all the resources in the world, but without focus and clarity of intention you will flounder on the surfaces of many things without gaining traction or depth in any.

The Magician has all the tools of the tarot deck—the sword for mental clarity; the cup for emotional intelligence; the wand for the focus to bring ideas to fruition; and the pentacle for what material needs emerge along the way. He appears in a spread to reassure you that all you need is in front of you; it is simply a matter of channeling your energy and reaching for the appropriate tools in proper timing.

You are not a victim and you are accountable for your well-being or dis-ease. There are so many things in this life that are not in our control, not our fault, and not our doing. You are simply not responsible for the hand you’ve been dealt. But no matter what your external world may look like, there is choice somewhere. Own that.

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