Tarot Tuesday: The Shift from Good to Great

Tarot Tuesday: The Shift from Good to Great

The Knight of Cups showed up again this week to point to an energy of daydreaming and fantasy that still needs to be reeled in. Part of what’s necessary to do this is revealed with the Eight of Cups which speaks of differentiating between the good and the great, and overcoming the fear of going hard for the latter.

When the Knight of Cups shows up, the challenge before you involves indecision and unwillingness or ability to commit. His energy immobilizes you when it comes to making real progress in a direction that you cherish. It may also be that you are dealing with an individual who is under the influence of this energy. If so, the message of the Eight of Cups remains the same: Demand better.

You have many ideas, many passions, and many skills, and for this you are blessed. Sure, you can be many things at once, and this is a good thing. But as we know, doing many things halfway gets us nowhere. It is a better thing for you now to choose one spot and dig deep, rather than creating several shallow holes and stopping when you hit the layer of clay.

Digging deeply with a brave and strong heart—even using dynamite if necessary—is what it takes to manifest your great vision. 

As was discussed last week, indecision is often steeped in fear, part of which is wrapped up in the belief that we are not deserving of the lives we truly desire. After all, with so many around us struggling and in survival mode, who are we to ask for more?

The Eight of Cups speaks directly to, and challenges this belief.

It hasn’t always been this way but you are in a place of abundance, now. There is a lot of good at your disposal—work opportunities, business ventures, potential partners, ideal living spaces, creative inspirations—an endless number of good opportunities and options. And yet, with your energy now freed up from the past struggles you’ve overcome, you have a new challenge in learning to be choosy, and to boldly ask for more.

This is your reality now. And yet, fear of making the wrong choice between two or more good, viable options can be paralyzing. It is time to really get clear on what it is that you want.

This doesn’t mean necessarily that you need to define what you want in precise terms. It simply means that you choose a general direction in which to move, and commit to it.

The Queen of Pentacles shows you arriving in that place in the future. Inside this place you hold the work you do dearly, and as an artist or healer, your ability to do the work well is your priority.  Because of your emphasis on healing, creativity, and service, you will find that budgeting your energy carefully in order to do the work well above all will naturally attract the right people, places, and things.

You are on the pleasant end of the shift from surviving to thriving. Nothing is wrong, and that takes some getting used to. But the courage and ability to ask for more than good promises to bring you to a place of connectedness, intimacy, fulfillment, inspiration, and true security.

Rise to the challenge of living the life you dream of. Bring in a big intention—ideally, one so big it scares you—and release old beliefs that threaten your worthiness or deserving.

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