Tarot Tuesday: Let’s Build.

Tarot Tuesday: Let’s Build.

Today’s card, the Knight of Pentacles is about building. It’s about building, and using what matters most as your blueprint. If you’re reading this, you have a vision—however vague or faint—of where you wish to be. Let every move you make from here forward bring you closer to that place.

You’ve done some soul searching and now you’re entering into a season of sacrifice and hard work. It’s a time for mundane and unsexy small steps that go into building something big, something that encompasses the things that matter most to you in this life.

The Knight of Pentacles stands for the stuff you really don’t feel like doing, but that literally stands between you and what matters most.

Sure, making progress is exciting on a level. But you’ll want to remember during this time that life does not owe you incessant stimulation. When we fuse with the belief that life must be thrilling, passionate, and intense at all times, we unconsciously commit only to chasing those feelings, and as a result we get nothing of value done.

Let me repeat something that I think we could all bear to remind ourselves every so often: Life does not owe you incessant passion or stimulation. Be okay with knowing that now is your season to put in work. So put one foot in front of the other, and start knocking things off that to do list.

If it helps, ask someone who you deem successful how they got to where they’re at. The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.

I want to talk about love here too, because the interplay between relationships and life goals has been coming up a lot lately in my circle.

The Knight of Pentacles is about practicality and utility. And in relationships, it is all too easy to ignore the signs that our romanic relationships may be in direct conflict with our goals.

For instance, if you tend to be more of an anxious person who functions best in a secure and peaceful environment, yet you are emotionally involved with someone who doesn’t want to settle down, or is unable to commit, you’re not being honest with yourself about your needs and you’re wasting precious energy trying to fight against the way you are. That’s energy you could be using to accomplish your goals.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a start-up founder, a graduate student, or any one with a big dream that requires you to put in long hours, but you have a partner who is in constant competition with your dream for attention, newsflash:

Your relationship is detracting from your vision, not supporting it. 

If you’re single and looking, invest some time in identifying the kinds of qualities in a partner that are going to directly help you achieve your dreams. Perhaps you should seek someone who lends well to your overall sense of peace and security. Or maybe you just want someone who likes to cook because you hate to and don’t want to eat takeout for the rest of your life.

Be really honest with yourself about what you want, and don’t judge it. Judgment will get in the way. You are allowed to want what you want.

You are also allowed to weigh your goals against your relationship. You are allowed to be 100% honest with yourself, and if a relationship is not helping you get closer to where you want to be, you’re allowed to prioritize what truly matters most to you. Call on the practicality of the knight of pentacles. Be wiling to make cuts if cuts are called for.

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