Tarot Tuesday: Balancing Creativity + Control

Tarot Tuesday: Balancing Creativity + Control

You’ve been in that prized state of flow more than usual lately, and the expression of your truest Self is pouring into all that you do. In social situations, you’re meeting others on that same level of authenticity. You’re finding innovative ways to integrate all that’s inside of you with a combination of creativity, social responsibility, intuition, and practicality.

Life has been good.

When it comes to your creative work, there’s an air of discipline about you now. You’ve learned that the power you harbor inside needs a certain level of control and steering in order to be both personally fulfilling and useful to the world.

The Six of Pentacles, indicates the ability to choose carefully who, what and where to give your precious energy currency. To the artist, this skill is a highest blessing that will serve you well on your path.

The Nine of Cups also signifies wish fulfillment and celebration. You’re being asked, always, to consider what it is that calls most intensely to your heart and ignites your soul. What are your deepest longings and desires? What are you doing, feeling, when you are most alive?

This card sits just below the Queen, which is a gentle reminder that awareness of your wildest longings is the foundation for your ability to be in full alignment with what you came here to do. In other words, you must be in contact with what motivates you in order to get done what must be done.

Throughout the journey, you can always return to this question: What is it that makes you feel most alive?

The Queen of Cups understands that creative energy takes a perfect balance of passivity and action in order to create what’s worth creating.

Being still and present in order to receive the signals being sent to us about the work we must do is a passive state, but upon receipt of that information we are indeed called to act. It’s not necessarily easy, but you have every ability to achieve this balance.

The Knight of Cups warns of the commitment phobia and passivity that can wreak havoc on the creative potential represented in this spread.

Creative people are often prone to bouts of daydreaming and fantasizing, but left unchecked these habits bring us nowhere.

The Knight is the creative person who is often more in love with the idea of something than with the steps it takes to make that thing a reality. When he’s unwilling to check and examine his fear of commitment, he remains forever out of alignment, merely wishing.

Fantasy is an escape mechanism that serves to carry us away from the present moment. But the present moment is where we have access to the best, purest and most useful information, so when we go elsewhere—to the imagined past or future—we miss out on so much creative energy and fuel.

If you’ve ever had a meditation or yoga practice, you know this intimately. Our best ideas arrive to us when we are focused on being exactly where we are.

The good news for creatives who recognize themselves in the commitment-phobic Knight is that those who have the capacity to fantasize and daydream, also have the capacity to turn that same imaginative energy in on diving deep into the present moment and self-inquiry. And it is here that we find what we’ve been feverishly seeking elsewhere.

Lots of watery, creative energy this week. But of course we can’t neglect to mention the significance of the odd-ball, earthy Six of Pentacles, the gateway between the physical world and this watery, emotional, artistic realm in which we find ourselves. 

In this spread, the Six of Pentacles functions like a dam; holding in and controlling the output of the flowing, shapeless rapids that are flowing inside of us. There are many interpretations of this fascinating card, but in this case, the word “withholding” comes to mind.

We need to know that it is always okay to withhold our energy when we’re feeling overwhelmed, or uncertain. When our internal experiences are dense with emotion and depth, we are allowed to withdraw a bit from our interactions with the outside world, and to practice even extreme control around what we put out and take in.

For all that’s occurring inside of us, it is a necessary act of self-care and preservation to be mindful of our energy output, and of what we’re willing to give away to others at this time.

These periods of intense creativity are pivotal, precious moments in our lives. Rare even. It is crucial that we take great care of the gifts we’re carrying, so that we do not release them prematurely, allow them to be tainted by unclean energy, or spoil them.

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