Tarot Tuesday: Awakening Through Integration of Extremes

Tarot Tuesday: Awakening Through Integration of Extremes

There is a misconception that as we advance on the spiritual path and enter into deeper realms of knowing that things should eventually start to become easier. There is an idea that as we gain skills and mastery, the load should feel lighter, the challenges should be less daunting, and the urge to react and recoil in fear should diminish. In reality, those of us on the spiritual path find at times that the more we know, the more isolated, excluded, left out, and alone we feel.

In the two weeks since I last posted a reading, many things have come to the forefront of global consciousness through not only public conversation but also in very personal ways, through private relationships, and through our relationships with our selves. There is no doubt that now is a time of heightened insight and increased clarity on a grand scale. But with clarity comes the seeing of things that cannot be unseen. Awakening comes at a cost.

For us to advance, it is not just important but required that we become awake to inconvenient truths. This is what tarot reading is about, really. The cards are not here to tell us what we want to hear, necessarily, but rather to put us in touch with what Spirit needs us to hear. And what will help us along the path of remembering who we are.

The energy of the Ace of Swords has emerged with great force and power; putting us in close touch with the stark contrast between belonging and exclusion, acceptance and rejection, connection and separation. It has become very difficult for many of us to find balance between what we know intellectually about the society we live in and what we know as spiritual beings, regarding the dominance and pervasiveness of the illusion of separation.

Everything that is happening now—every single event that is shining light onto something new, old, forgotten, painful, inconvenient, difficult to digest, or downright offensive—is happening specifically for the reason of our spiritual awakening. And this week’s reading shows two stark opposites joined together (Four of Wands and Five of Pentacles) by a new intellectual knowing (Ace of Swords).

Four of Wands represents a feeling of belonging, safety, family, and inclusion, while Five of Pentacles represents being left behind, pushed out, rejected, and cast away. In fact, the Ace of Swords in the center itself signifies raw emotional force; extreme forms of both love and hate.

Our task now is to find a balance between two seemingly opposite realities, and to understand the inextricable link between the two. To learn that all things in this life are sides of a coin that are not only defined by but dependent on their opposite to exist.

The experience of belonging and connection is not available without the experience of exclusion and rejection. Awareness of one is dependent on awareness of the other, and together they form the whole experience of what it means to be a human being relating to other humans. As long as we insist upon picking and choosing only the pleasant parts of our experience, we will suffer when the other side shows its face.

Understanding and integrating the links between two seemingly extreme opposite realities is the work we are faced with now. It is not only about acceptance and surrender and there are no easy answers. Waking up is a hard and lonely process, and one that many choose through various avoidance mechanisms to forego. There is a state of being that hangs in equilibrium and transcends the material extremes we are experiencing. It is our work to find it.

Be aware of taking an approach that is overly intellectual or overly clinical at this time. Whatever our approach, it must not be solely dependent on the conscious mind. The unseen, spiritual, and psychological elements of this awakening are begging to be tapped into and now is the ideal time to access them. It is important that we be discerning, active and critical, but ultimately we will not think our way out of the pain we are in. Intellectual truth is not the whole story. A truth that is whole will emerge from a deeper level.

Acknowledging that harsh realities exist does not mean that we resign ourselves to them. It means that we make space for them to teach us what it is that we need to know. Blessings to all on this path.

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