Tarot Tuesday: Alchemy + Claiming Your Gifts

Tarot Tuesday: Alchemy + Claiming Your Gifts

It is time to own a key facet of who you are and to take responsibility for it: You are the embodiment of sacred wisdom and knowledge and this knowing goes far beyond what can be said or told.

I cannot tell the essence of you to you here, because I cannot know it and words would never be inadequate. You are being asked to tap and claim this knowing of yours, to experience and come into it for yourself, and to step up to accept the gifts you were born with.

Spiritual and sacred practices are crucial now in order for you to access this rich inner world. You carry gifts of intuition, sensitivity, and a potential for rapid spiritual ascension, and it is time to quit playing small and to claim them.

Do not seek concrete answers or material evidence of these gifts, though. It is a time to learn to trust in your knowing and see where it takes you. Six of Wands confirms this.

You are on a journey. A deep, spiritual, faithful path full of uncertainty, trust, hope, grief, and learning to be solid in the presence of the sharpness of fear.

Temperance asks that you stay willing to try new things and keep trying until you strike the right balance. And that you understand this is a constant process, rather than one to be mastered and then surpassed. Life will always require that you stay with one foot in the material world and one in the emotional, psychic and spiritual. It is a perpetual and permanent balancing act. Do not waste what you were gifted with; an heightened ability to manage this balance.

On the path to self-realization, we must also learn to be alchemists; to integrate all the conflicting aspects of who we are in order to realize our wholeness.

The King suggests that what you do with these realizations and gifts will indeed be visible in the work you do and in relationship with others. Once you come into an understanding about the undercurrent of emotional energy that flows beneath all interactions, you are able to surf it like a wave and it will be a part of your work to help others learn to do the same.

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