Tarot Tuesday: Accessing Flow

Tarot Tuesday: Accessing Flow


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If someone were to ask you what does your soul want? Your answer would be that which the Ace of Cups represents: Connection, fulfillment, and the state of flow.

In positive psychology, flow is a state of being fully engaged, present and attuned to the moment. It is also characterized by a state of enduring enjoyment throughout the process of what one is doing. Flow means to be completely immersed and absorbed in whatever situation you find yourself.

Flow is not situation-dependent, in other words it depends more on the state of mind and perspective of the person than it does the external circumstances. And so if we want to access this prized state of flow — which by the way, is always available — it is a simple matter of shifting our focus.

The reversed posture of the Hanged Man places the head at the bottom, which signifies a switch from thinking to being. Move out of the head and away from the stories; surrender to simple being in this moment.

Notice any resistance that comes up. Like the Hanged Man, the present moment strings us up and holds us. Though our minds would have us believe we can think and dream our way into the future or past, we are only ever here.

Whether or not we choose to accept that we are confined to to the purity of each moment is up to us. But there is abundance if we stay here. It is best we learn to be with what is available to us here and now.

Notice any urges to leave the moment for a fantasy, or story of the past of future. Notice how it feels in your belly and chest when your mind takes you somewhere else.

Do you feel fulfilled? Do you feel engaged when you go there? Do you feel flow?

The Hanged Man asks that you relax into the moment, again and again. Leave your stories behind. Riding along with the intricate narratives of the mind, and neglecting what is before you is, in fact, the opposite of flow.

And just as the Hanged Man asks for a shift in perspective, so too does the Five of Cups. The character in this card reminds you that harping on what is lost is the fastest way to blocking what abundance and possibility are available right now.

Access to possibility and potential are often a matter of a pivot. What beliefs are you latching onto that narrow your attention and create blind spots? If you are focused on what you’re lacking, there is so much more available to you than what you’re allowing yourself to see. It is not your job to seek possibilities, it is simply your job to see them. 

Through a simple pivot (Five of Cups) and surrender to the present moment (Hanged Man) we put ourselves on the path of being in flow — an enlightened state in which we become channels to receive and transmit the energy of Spirit.

It is from here that we achieve the height of creativity, that we access the most fruitful abundance, that we are in connection with the land and life around us, and that we are able to experience true belonging and security. The King of Pentacles promises that this heightened state is available, but the pairing with the other three cards remind us that in its pure form it is only accessible through flow.

The combination of these four cards is, indeed, a powerful one. We have the Ace of Cups representing the flow we all long to be in, paired with the creative and material abundance of the King of Pentacles. And we have two cards telling us exactly to get there, and it’s easier than we think. It is nothing more than a shift in perspective.

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