Tarot Tuesday: Accepting Your True Nature

Tarot Tuesday: Accepting Your True Nature

There is no shortage of creativity and passion available right now, but that doesn’t mean that this energy is readily accessible. 

The flip side of creativity tends to be anxious, nervous energy which can manifest as inability to commit, or to choose to prioritize one of your passions over another.

The King of Wands represents the need to reconcile these qualities in order to move forward.

Four of Pentacles is the block. Whatever it is that’s restricting your ability to commit to a next step, it’s related to your ideas about the link between money and true security. 

Our core beliefs about this link are often reinforced in our families and environments of origin. The Six of Cups suggests that these learned beliefs are influencing our current dilemma.

Some of these beliefs can be released through therapy, meditation, and other healing practices. Some stick with us, and become so deeply entrenched in our nervous systems and neural pathways that it would take lifetimes to rid rid ourselves of them entirely. 

Traditional interpretations of the reversed Empress suggest barrenness. This can be in a literal sense, or in the sense that when we cannot ground and be still we cannot receive the fruits of our labor. 

But the reversed Empress may also represent the rejection of one’s true nature including likes, dislikes, needs, boundaries, and yes, those patterns and beliefs that are embedded into our brains and bodies from days when we were too small to choose differently. 

There is great freedom in acknowledging our physiological or learned vulnerabilities. The things that we carry with us due to a unique combination of past events, traumas, and physiological make-ups were not of our choosing, and that we carry them now is not our fault. 

So rather than always buying into this attractive and tempting idea that we can “transcend” everything, what if we could be in acceptance of our core vulnerabilities? What if we chose to embrace our soft and needy spots as parts of who we are, rather than something to be overcome or conquered?

The path of constant self-improvement is a cosmic joke because it turns us against the parts of ourselves that our ego deems undesirable. There will always be something about our selves to “transcend” or fix. 

What if it was okay to want to feel safe, and what if material security was the most effective way to accomplish that for you, personally? What if nothing needed to be transcended after all?

You may need material security to function optimally based on your learning history and nervous system, and that is okay.

Rejecting the reality of your core beliefs and vulnerabilities leaves little room for sustainable transcendence—change that comes through learning more adaptive and healthy ways to work with, not against, your nature. 

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