September Reading: Chill + Receive

September Reading: Chill + Receive

It’s a beautiful thing when the last day of the month falls on a New Moon. And then the first day of the month marks the start of a fresh cycle.

The summer was full of heat for most of us, and for those yearning for autumn, there is good reason. It’s not just a craving for chunky knits and scarves and boredom with our summer wardrobes, but the simple fact that we’ve been through a lot these past few months.

The Six of Wands finds us emerging from summer victorious, optimistic about what’s promised in this year’s harvest.

For the first time in a long time, if ever, there is a sense that nothing is wrong. It’s strange, when you’re accustomed to struggle. Carrying you forward into a time of rest and reflection, the Six of Wands asks, what has your struggle taught you?

For one thing, you’ve learned that you are capable. You have navigated your way through the choppy waters of an internal world that at one time frightened you. In doing so, you acquired the skills to deal with uncertainty, discomfort and pain.

Secondly, you’ve shifted from a fear-based belief system that told you you could not tolerate discomfort, into an empowered place of knowing that you have the tools you need to manage anything that arises.

As you contemplate the New Moon, and your entrance into a new month and a new season, there is a sense that no wave is too big, no current too strong. You’ve managed to survive them all, thus far, no? This is a time for congratulation and gratitude.

Abundance is a mindset. Look at what you’ve accomplished. Look at what you’ve been through. And look at each victory, however small, in the great shift into deeper alignment with your wild nature. Abundance has everything to do with your ability to receive the blessings that are available in this present moment.

There is no card in the deck that more aptly describes the state you are in as your harvest season approaches. Make no mistake; you have put in the work, you have detached from the results, and you are being rewarded.

After a period of inward focus, your external world reflects the stability, wealth and beauty that you’ve made contact with on the inside. Your task now is to learn to receive the blessings that this kind of environment offers. In fact it is not as easy as one might think. It is different.

In just the same way as you have learned to tolerate hardship, you must also learn the ways of allowing abundance and wealth. This means consciously releasing the reptilian brain’s cacophony of thoughts that scream there’s not enough.

Without a doubt there is an element of growth involved when suddenly our work begins to bear fruit. There is a need to ground and be still. To step out of survival mode. To actively switch from problem-solving, striving mind, into peaceful, present mind. We all want to be happy, but the way our brains are set up we create problems when there are none. We seek them out. We hunt them. This is one part of the burden we bear as souls with human brains.

When you set your intentions for this month, you may have trouble finding what more you might ask for. New Moons are times for wishes, intentions, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

What do we wish for in our New Moon ceremony when we find our selves in the midst of all going well, and according to plan? What more could we want in the midst of such wealth and abundance?

There is nothing to ask for now, only to be still and receive the blessings of this moment. The Ten of Wands represents a forward thrust that will be backed with fiery, passionate and masculine energy. This is coming, because as you become present and grounded into the wealth mindset, the doors of creativity and attraction are flung open even wider.

As the leaves turn, the time to push and accelerate is upon us, but for right now, it is a time to rest and give thanks.

You’ve passed some of life’s most difficult tests this summer, and you’d be wise to rest before you’re thrust into the next round of learning. Get accustomed to this process of resting between the more challenging times in life. This is what life is. It is important that you allow yourself space to reconnect and rejuvenate before you advance into the next level that the Ten of Wands promises.

As you enter into the new season, count your blessings. Try to chill. Be patient. It’s not yet the time to push for more, or find holes in the plan. That time will come, and you’ll want to be well-rested when it does. But for now, work on connecting with a stillness within.

Challenge the urge to reach for more, the anxious belly that tells you you’re not allowed to just be happy with what you’ve worked hard for. After all, what is the use of hard work if one is not open to receiving the benefits when they emerge? You can only truly receive what you can allow.

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