New Moon Reading: Fearlessness + Instinct

New Moon Reading: Fearlessness + Instinct

The Fool, paired with the Ace of Cups on the eve of the first New Moon of a new season marks the beginning of a great journey that brings with it a promise of deep emotional fulfillment. This time is marked by the potential for a kind of coming home to an emotional depth and knowing that is brand new to you. 

To access this depth, you are being asked to break the rules of your life, and in doing so, you are promised immediate or rapidly emerging emotional benefits. The Fool is often misunderstood as naive, but here he represents an acquired confidence that comes through the experience of hardship and the realization that your soul is, in fact, indestructible. Uncertain as you may be about what’s to come, you are being blessed now with the audacity to move like nothing scares you.

At this point, you have been through enough that you walk in a deep knowing that you cannot, and will not be destroyed. You have never truly failed and you have made no mistakes, and that is why you can waltz smoothly into a new situation with an unshakable sense that there is nothing to lose. This does not mean you show up empty handed, or without valuables, however. Quite the opposite. Through tribulations, you have gained the world in understanding that your soul is unbreakable. This knowing is more precious than the rarest tanzanites and opals.

Life is exciting again. There are sweet, low hanging fruits, and doors flying open every which way. This is all happening because you have tapped into the awareness of your inalienable right to be exactly who you wish to be, in exactly the manner you choose.

It has taken work to release the things that have held you back from pursuing your loftiest, deepest, sweetest dreams, but you have done it, and are in the beginning stages of pursuing a soul vision that promises a level of fulfillment you have never before experienced.

You are moving in an essence of pure potential right now, which means many energies will be drawn toward you, especially those who are lacking in their own light, or in need of healing. People want what you have, understandably, but as you allow your intuition and faith to guide you, be also ready with the mental precision needed to weed out all that which threatens your purpose.

Page of Swords cautions against becoming too lax about your boundaries, or too free with your energy. Like the goose that lays the golden eggs, you are desired, sought after, and craved at this time. Fear is not an issue for you now, but focus and intention are important. Be cautious of getting sidetracked, distracted, or chasing pleasure down holes that lead nowhere.

Self-preservation is not selfish and it is not avoidant. Protecting what you need to fulfill your purpose is not the same as fear-based, closed-hearted living. You’re being challenged to carefully curate what you invite in, and to stay cognizant of the ways those around you are affecting you.

After spending time with someone, do you feel energized, or depleted? Use the same assessment measures to evaluate the foods you eat, the things you do, and your sleep patterns. Be a scientist about your body and energy. Theorize, observe, ask questions, gather data, and make adjustments as needed.

Although at first glance The Fool and the Page of Swords appear to carry opposite energies, this is not so. Tuning in more fully to the place inside of you that can move freely without fear does not mean that you become naive. It does not imply that you become open to predators or that you make yourself prey. Quite the opposite is true, actually. When you tune in to your wild nature, your intuitions about those energies that bring potential to do you harm become heightened. In order to reap the benefits of the Ace of Cups, it is necessary to strike a balance between the discerning and nimble energy of the Page of Swords, and the fearlessness of the Fool. This is possible when you commit to regular communication with your intuition and inner knowing.

For those on healing and creative paths, this work of returning to and bonding with your wild and instinctual nature is constant and will continue for as long as you live. When the gut bubbles or rumbles or flitters, when the breath ceases to penetrate past the upper chest, when our animal instincts narrow our focus to that which threatens—listen, and act accordingly.

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