November Reading: Tapping the Intuition

November Reading: Tapping the Intuition

The High Priestess is the flip side of hard data and scientific knowing. She represents unspoken, unwritten, and invisible truths that do not cease to exist simply because there are no words or numbers to adequately describe them.

When she appears, the information we need is available to us through dreams, meditation, bodily sensations, synchronicities, and acausal bursts of insight that emerge from nowhere. 

With the Four of Wands appearing in the center position again (as also in the weekend’s New Moon reading) it’s clear that the work now is related to a coming home of some kind. This can mean coming home and settling in to a particular location, reuniting with a family member or loved one, returning to a particular practice, and/or in a broader sense coming home to one’s True Self.

The High Priestess tells us that this coming home will not be guided through the thinking, rational mind. The map will not be seen with the eyes, held in the hands, written with words, or drawn in linear coordinates. No, the path to home is one to be felt, not seen. It is to be taken in through signs, symbols, and flashes of awareness that we must be in constant preparation and readiness to receive.

Pay attention to your dreams. Incorporate a practice of dream recall and interpretation into your daily journaling. Mornings are best, before rational mind dominates consciousness.

Ten of Wands is a reminder that this coming home—while it certainly sounds pleasant and appears to be a bright, joyous occasion—is not all rainbows (as was seen in the New Moon’s predictive Ten of Cups). The path of returning to one’s true home state is typically marked with hardship and some of the most harrowing, frightening challenges.

After all, the High Priestess brings with her all that is beneath consciousness, not just the pleasant. She brings things we do not wish to look at; grotesque and hideous truths of our pasts, family histories, previous lives and karma.

Coming home sounds lovely and easy and paradoxically in truth it is often the harder path. Further, home itself is an abstract concept and is often evasive; rarely what we believe it to be when we set foot out towards it.

Take the path one step at a time. Feel your way, instead of attempting to anticipate and think your way toward a pre-determined location.

As modes of knowing, science has a function and so does intuition. Too much of one or the other creates imbalance. Any time the High Priestess blesses us, she asks us to come back to our way of knowing that predates the scientific advances we’ve made as a species, and to use feeling instead of thought as our compass.

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