November 2018 Tarot Offering

November 2018 Tarot Offering

The word worship derives from an Old English word that means to give worth to something. And when we think about the different ways that we assign worth to things in our lives, giving a thing our attention is one of the most common and impactful. If giving attention is in fact a form of worship—an energetic offering to a person, place, or thing—we can see through a new lens the necessity of discernment.

The Hierophant is known to confound readers and seekers alike when he shows up in a spread, but at his core he is a keeper of spiritual wisdom and a teacher of worship. Under his tutelage, we are called to ask tough questions about who and what we are worshiping, and whether we are willing to redirect our energy if we find the offerings we make to be incongruent with our values.

As we enter into the season of slowing down and being in the lushness of of the dark, it is an ideal time to review the things we give worth to, the rituals we engage in, and the people we turn to for guidance. What do you give worth to through your attention and actions, and what cumulative impact does that have on what your life looks and feels like? It may be time to choose to worship things that give you more life, more support, and more aid in helping you claim your power.

Queen of Pentacles is ruled by the need for safety and stability. She represents the nurturing aspect in each of us, who excels at creating spaces that are warm and nourishing for ourselves and our loved ones. These spaces are also conducive to the birthing and bringing forth of creative work. They are ripe for sensuality, grounding and sensory pleasure. Her message is that feeling safe is not a luxury, it is your birthright. And that the things you need to feel safe are the things you need to feel safe. They are non-negotiable.

The things you need to feel safe might be inconvenient, they might conflict with the things you think you want. If you look deeply enough you may even find that they are rooted in past trauma (Six of Cups). It does not matter. You don’t owe it to anything or anyone to “work through” your need to feel safe. Not a lover, not a job, not a spiritual practice.

People sometimes think that if the things they need to feel safe are rooted in trauma, then they are somehow not legitimate. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the very first things aspiring therapists of all modalities are taught when they enroll in training is that feeling safe is a prerequisite for healing trauma. You might not like your needs and wish you didn’t have them. One day, though, you will grow tired of denying them. You will see that life is easier and more fulfilling when you honor and work within the frameworks or your non-negotiables. Whether you like them or not.

This is what self-knowledge looks like, and why it is important. From here, healing can happen. So can growth.

The questions of the Star are always something like this: What are you moving toward in the longterm, and how are you day to day actions reflecting your commitment to that vision? How are the ways you trade your energy bringing you closer to or further out of alignment with the dream you have for yourself and your life? What events—internal or external—might you have to pass through in order to stay moving toward the life you’ve chosen? What are you willing (or not wiling) to feel to keep moving forward?

The Eight of Wands and Eight of Pentacles pair are a one-two punch of progress and gains, directly related to The Star, whatever that thing is for you that motivates your hard work and lets you know it’s worth it.

Though it may not come in the form of anything you can see or touch, Eight of Wands is raw forward motion that requires a perfect balance of willpower and allowing. If you are doing the work in earnest, can you trust that? Can you trust in the miracles that happen between therapy sessions, at night when you’re fast asleep dreaming, when you’re thinking about other things besides healing and doing “the work”? Can you connect with the energy of receptivity and open up to receive your blessings?

If you’re craving for something more practical to sink your teeth into, Eight of Pentacles asks for your commitment. Making a commitment to something we care about is like putting a container around the energy of the thing so that it can take root and one day flower. Without such a container, and the protective space that it provides, our ideas do not feel safe to come to fruition.

Show up for the thing that you know you must do. Build an altar for it if that feels useful, adorn it with fresh flowers and pictures of your ancestors. Go there each day to worship. The reward for commitment to what we hold precious is the preservation of and amplification of those things, while ambivalence about them drives them into hiding. The former is rewarded, the latter is not. What is precious to you? What are you worshiping?

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