New Moon Reading: Horse Medicine + Spiritual Activism

New Moon Reading: Horse Medicine + Spiritual Activism

It is said that when a horse appears in a dream—or in life, for that matter—it signifies power, endurance, and a wealth of energy to direct toward a chosen goal. In the Native American practice of animal medicine, the horse symbolizes a special kind of power.

Unlike the false feelings of power that come through brute force, hatred or coercion, the horse brings power that emerges through compassion, remembrance, and honoring the unique paths and journeys of others.

The Six of Wands acknowledges that you’ve been through a lot, and you have every reason to be angry. Yet, the horse reminds us that when we cling to anger we give away our power.

Instead, horse medicine asks us to envision the power that comes with understanding that those who misbehave have simply lost their way. Those whose actions are misaligned with natural laws are confused and afraid, for they are out of synch with Spirit.

When a horse arrives—in the cards, or otherwise— you are blessed with the kind of power that is rooted in empathy and compassion, even in the face of grave wrongdoing.

Further, white horses—of which there are two in this spread—signify a level of spiritual ascension that remains still grounded in the material plane. This simply means that the wisdom you’ve acquired can be applied quite simply, through action in the physical world. 

Finding strength in compassion does not mean that we sit idle in acceptance of what wrongs have been done by those who have lost their way. When released through loving action, anger brings power. Conversely, when clung to, anger brings stagnation and toxicity.

The number six represents social work and nurturing, and reminds us that we have the option to release the energy that anger generates through positive works and deeds. Pray for those who continue to do wrong, and give yourself permission to direct your energy elsewhere. Keep doing good where good is needed.

It is easy to spin a web of anger and hate in times of darkness. But a spiritual warrior is driven by love for her people, rather than by hate or animosity for her enemy. Love does not weaken her commitment to positive change, it only strengthens it. The path of the spiritual warrior—one that is marked by true strength—involves emerging from and entering into battle with love in your heart, and not hate.

Death, as always, speaks of shedding old skin, releasing what no longer works and riding the white horse of spiritual ascension into a new way of being. Paired with today’s New Moon, it is a particularly good time to incorporate energetic cleansing rituals into your daily practice.

Burn sage, cedar, or palo santo around the energy centers of your body. Recite prayers for the release of anger and hostile thoughts that weigh you down. Ask for the inspiration to walk the righteous path, knowing that the force that drives me to action need not be entwined with anger. Pray that your motivation to do good in this world be grounded in a deep love for humanity and a desire to heal.

Finally, the Chariot brings a positive omen of significant shift that will bring success and bear fruits from right action. Although the road is long, do not lose hope. Resist the urge to focus solely on outcomes. After all, doing good work is inherently rewarding. 

Still, with the processes of ascension and renewal concurrent in your life at this time, great shift is inevitable. With this shift comes a way of being marked by maturation, personal authority, and the will to do what is right without hesitation.

You have been through the course—the struggle that preceded the Six of Wands, the rebirth that inevitably followed Death, and the challenge of integrating it all. You are, indeed, a spiritual warrior, and the Chariot carries a message for you:

Do not grow tired of doing good work in the world. Success—though it may emerge in disguise, costume, or otherwise curious forms—is promised, if you do not give up.

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