New Moon Meditation: Warrior Moves

New Moon Meditation: Warrior Moves

The Ace of Wands blesses you with a surge of creative confidence that powers a bold step forward toward something that will ignite pranic energy and break any stagnation that may have built up toward summer’s end. The Ace backs any move to strike out on one’s own; whether that be in a business venture, creative vision, or even a physical location change.

Notice that the three cards illustrate a complete cycle; Ace of Wands (beginning); Four of Wands (arrival and stabilization); and Ten of Cups (success and connection). Any declaration of one’s personal power that is made at this time promises to be the start of a cycle marked by progress and achievement.

This new cycle brings with it the potential to provide for you in all of the ways you dream of; stability, security, and fulfillment through community and connection with others.

The Four of Wands brings a distinct sense of being welcomed in; into a new space, a new home, a new community, or simply arriving to a place in life in which you feel sure that you belong.

There is a hint that the bold move you make toward a perhaps wild or daring vision will create the doorway through which you will experience a coming home to your True Self. This is, of course, also the place from which you become most available for deep, authentic, and true connection with others.

If you are indeed brave enough to make whatever move it is that you’re contemplating now, you will be welcomed by a community who may emerge suddenly but with an essence of having been waiting in preparation for your arrival.

In contrast to the ground breaking energy brought forth by the Ace of Wands, when you surrender to that force you will find yourself enveloped by an unexpected grounding and stabilizing energy that will reinforce that you’ve made the right move. 

Not much more must be said for the Ten of Cups in this case, except that warrior moves pay off. When your intentions are pure, you cannot go wrong. When your intuition is activated and you’re moving from that place with the knowledge you receive there, you can go higher and farther than you’d even considered possible.

The stuck energy or blockages that preceded the Ace of Wands moment are shown to have given way, here. And there is space for levels of joy and fulfillment to flow through that were previously inconceivable.

If nothing else, the Ten of Cups tells you simply: Go for that wild idea. Consider this a divine guarantee that your bold move will pay off and that your warrior spirit will be protected. The Four of Wands and Ten of Cups together represent all you have to gain by boldly bringing your idea into existence.

The New Moon is the perfect time to commit to something new, so you are fully supported in your vision. You are being invited to make radical change that brings potential for many sweet things and a depth of living that you’ve long craved. Say yes.

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