Monthly Reading: September 2017

Monthly Reading: September 2017
It is easy to get caught up in the story that we are confused about what we want to do, when in reality we are just confused about how to go about getting there.

Some would say that the Hierophant’s message is clear: Don’t reinvent the wheel. Work the system from within the system.

For example:

Go to grad school. 

Get that government job and focus on making changes from within. 

Enroll in a certification program or formal training. 

Keep your day job while you build the project you really want to be doing on the weekends. 

But when it comes to knowing the best route to accomplish your highest vision, I tend to think that The Hierophant lacks the power to make this important choice for you.

Instead, spend time weighing the pros and cons of taking a traditional pathway versus approaching your goals from beyond the beaten path.

Pros to working with existing frameworks include more concentrated resources, infrastructure and systems designed for certain outcomes, and doorways that open automatically, as is the case with obtaining a license or certification. They can also provide you with structure, if you are one who thrives in such conditions.

Cons are that traditional routes can limit your creativity, bog you down in paperwork and bureaucracy, and otherwise hinder your growth. They also tend to be expensive, and require a significant time commitment.

Take each of these into account when you’re weighing your options. And make sure to drop the story that you’re confused about what you want to be doing. If you take the time to sit still, you will find you can hear exactly what your heart is asking for, and what is calling to you. It is okay to be uncertain about the best route to get there, but confusion is another way to play small. Don’t.

The Sun means everything in a tarot reading. You’re on the right path, you’ve made the right choice, the key to liberation is in your hands and you are prepared to use it. There are one million messages of inspiration and affirmation that the Sun brings to bear and each are important and useful, but they are too broad to choose just one for you, my sweet readers.

Instead, I’m going to use it to tell you to do two things:

  1. Google “the sun tarot” and find a meaning that works for you with regard to your current situation. You will find the interpretation that you most need in this exact moment and it will be beautiful, I promise.
  2. I don’t care how busy you are, go outside and get some Vitamin D. Exposure to the light of the sun (even on a cloudy day) helps to recalibrate your internal clock and circadian rhythm and get you in tune with your natural cycle. If you are feeling off balance in any way, sunlight is good medicine.

And, Death is here. Sometimes we lie to ourselves and say we are confused about what to do next because we are afraid of the uncertainty that transformation brings. We could fail. We could lose friends. We could become unrecognizable to the versions of ourselves we once knew, or to the people who loved us before we chose to answer the call of living well, of being large and in our purpose.

Sometimes the best remedy for fear is knowing that it is OK for it to be there. Fear in itself is not inherently a block; it only limits our actions if we let it.

Death asks one simple question:

Can you choose to feel the fear of flying and take the leap anyway? Can you move toward what matters even as fear comes along for the ride?

Now, the Minors: Three of Pentacles, Five of Pentacles, Ace of Wands

You probably know by now that the pentacles correspond to money and career but are rarely that straight forward. Instead, they tend to highlight the manifestations of our core beliefs and unhealed issues as they show up in the way we relate to money and work.

Three of Pentacles wants to know how you feel about new doors opening, being seen for your talents and skills, and being held accountable to greatness. Does this scare you? Do you fear being seen? Do you secretly harbor doubts that what you offer is good enough?

If so, now’s the time to reconcile these old beliefs lest they start—or continue—to hold you back. If the thought of being wildly successful and recognized for your talents is frightening to you, spend some time leaning into those fears. Make friends with them.

Five of Pentacles was in the spread last month, too, and that doesn’t surprise me. It’s a heavy one that tends to take some time to work through.

Being successful—whether that means getting healthy, getting sober, getting a promotion, getting a mortgage, getting a husband or wife, getting a book deal, getting high paying clients, getting enlightened, whatever—means that you leave the “old you” behind.

That would be fine, except that your friends, family, community and coworkers were used to the old you, loved the old you, and don’t necessarily feel comfortable with the old you leaving.

I recently shared about this card on Twitter that sometimes success eludes us because we’ve made quiet, sometimes unconscious vows of allegiance to loved ones living in lack. I asked, who might perceive your success as abandonment? Who might feel insecure around your success? Examine the agreements you’ve made to stay small in the service of preserving relationships. This can be a really tough one to work through, but the rewards promise a breakthrough.

And that is where the Ace of Wands comes in.

Expect a breakthrough, always. Whatever it is that feels stuck for you now, expect resolution and movement. If you take the time to answer the questions addressed here with honesty, things will start to shift.

As you know, I never make predictions. Just do the work and watch what happens.

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