Monthly Reading: October 2017

Monthly Reading: October 2017

In tarot, The Sun card represents enlightenment and truth. Of course, the only truth is change, and we see this truth in our relationship to The Sun.

Every day since the beginning of time, The Sun has come up, and it has gone down. The Sun stays with us in summer months, and leaves us alone longer in the dark during winter.

Change is not easy for most of us. But what if we could apply the way we relate toThe Sun to the way we relate to life’s changes? We do not question when The Sun comes around less or more, though we may take a week or two to adjust when the clocks go back or forward. We do not lament, take it personally or judge ourselves when The Sun pulls away in the winter, we just know that it is and must be, and we surrender to it.

Through our relationship with Father Sun, we can recognize our in-built capacity to handle and adapt to change without suffering. And this knowledge of our ability to surrender to change is the essence of what The Sun means to us. The only truth is fluctuation, impermanence and change. Let us look to The Sun to remember how deeply okay that is.

The Emperor represents the masculine element of our consciousness—the great Doer, manager, supervisor and analyzer. Though we live in a culture with a disproportionate preference toward the male in all things, that does not mean that the masculine is not useful, good and important.

In fact, Autumn is a season for calling on the masculine; there is much to do in preparation for the cold. We will call on the feminine for rest and Being and receptivity when Winter comes.

Part of what The Emperor asks us to do is to connect and make peace with the masculine pole of our consciousness: that part of us that relentlessly seeks control and dominance. This part of us, which struggles with change, trust and allowance can be tyrannical, treating life like a problem to be solved.

Maybe we can acknowledge that the masculine within each of us has been victimized by the violence of patriarchy and its pressures to constantly control, dominate and do. Maybe we can soothe him some, pray for his healing and set intentions for him to move toward integrating with the feminine, a bit at a time.

The feminine will have her season in Winter, when we will stay inside, create art and nurture the body, which works harder in the cold months.

Queen of Pentacles, the domestic goddess, gives us an assignment:

Think of one or two things you can do to make home a sweeter place to be. If you struggle with feeling shut in during cold months, buy a couple of house plants and place them in spots you’re most likely to spend time in.

If you cannot afford to spend, do some cleaning, rearranging and organizing. Let your focus be to create a safe space and sanctuary. A beautiful home is the Queen of Pentacles’ gift and blessing.

The Minors

The paradoxical Two of Swords is a card of indecision and gridlock, and also of immense strength and fortitude.

If you are feeling stuck, try to notice the ways in which your difficulty making decisions may be based in fear of your own power—knowing that with power comes great responsibility.

Ask your heart: Heart, do you wish to be big and in connection? Or small and in isolation? And what are you willing to experience in service of whichever aim you choose?

There is a necessary uncertainty in choosing to practice personal power in new ways as you grow and learn. Understand that if you refuse to embrace that uncertainty, you will stay stagnant.

If you are really stuck, it may be useful to visualize the combined energies of the rapidly transformative Eight of Wands and the reassuring newness of the Ace of Pentacles. Visualize those energies bursting through what blocks you may have. Spend time meditating with them, truly feeling them, and then apply them to the stuck spots.

Remember the way The Sun never stays stuck in the sky—clinging to day, or night either, mysterious as both may be. Honor the ease and grace with which you accept the death of each day and the birth of each new one, with total equanimity and acceptance.

In relationship with The Sun, you can see that you were designed, born and conditioned for change. It is natural to you. As seasons change, remember that.

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