Monthly Reading: May 2017

Monthly Reading: May 2017

Many of us may breathe a sigh of relief when we see that the core theme for this late Spring month is hope.

The Star is the first bit of light to poke through the darkness of a harsh winter season, and the first offering of a sense that things are going to be okay—amazing, even.

In the 22-card sequence of the major arcana, the Star falls right after the dreaded Tower. In the light of the Star, nothing looks as it was back when everything went dark. It is truly an opportunity to start fresh, with greater balance, connection and wisdom. The power of the Star cannot be overstated. It represents one of the most potent and ascended experiences that this life has to offer.

Of course—because the tarot is simply amazing—your morning Star is surrounded by symbols of newness—Ace of Swords, Page of Wands, and Page of Pentacles.

Ace of Swords brings promise of clarity and simplicity paired with a refined ability to curate a life without unnecessary excess. This doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy fine things. It simply means that you’ve learned when to say when, and to recognize that enough really is enough. And this brings you new levels of peace and ease. It frees space for new ventures, which there will be plenty of.

It is likely that all you want to do this month is learn and that is beautiful. Embrace studenthood. Be horrible at something and let the challenge teach you.

There is a book about ashtanga yoga by a well known teacher named Kino McGregor in which she says: Start with the impossible and allow it’s difficulty to teach you. Stay in those ugly places where learning happens.

This is the beginner’s mind energy that accompanies us this month.

Oh, how it is all too easy to stay safe in the things we have come to do well. Instead, do something new and watch your fixed “expert” or “adult” identity disintegrate in the wind.

It seems that here we can learn something of real spiritual value about the true Self—the Self that has nothing to do with expertise and skills.

Your challenges will be two things:

Indecision and the habit of wanting to fight.

The Two of Swords is about a person with immense power who refuses to make decisions due to fear of failure. This manifests as depression, anxiety, stuckness, and all other sorts of misery that we encounter as humans who refuse to yield to the uncertainty of life.

We are all being asked to make choices without knowing the outcomes. Let there be no data, no evidence, and no rationale to support your choice. Feel your way. The only way to step out of this delusion that you call the shots is to put yourself in the way of life’s unpredictability. Get acquainted with this fundamental truth of being.

A person who must be in control constantly is a tyrant. Do not be a tyrant. Tyrants leave no space for magic. Let yourself have magic.

And the fighting…Well, it is a habit, just as wanting to control everything is a habit. When you are used to having to fight and defend your way through life your brain becomes wired this way.

Remember that the Ace of Swords gives you the power to choose who you have around you. Making steps daily to be less combative, to give the benefit of the doubt more often, and to trust in the basic goodness of humans, can change the neural pathways and revise the habit of combativeness. It is understandable why you act this way, and change takes practice.

Just bear in mind the Star. There is hope for all we wish to do and be. It is truly a blessed time for us.

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