Monthly Reading: June 2017

Monthly Reading: June 2017

Both Strength and The Sun are positive omens and suggest that this month—the first real month of summer—will be full of light and fire; of both transforming wild energy into something useful, and of burning away that which is unreal.

The Sun helps us to see everything through the eyes of a child which is to say that it represents seeing without the biases and fears we have picked up throughout our development.

It may not be entirely possible to forget the past or the traumas we have endured, but the idea to take away is that the light locked inside of us has not gone anywhere. In most cases, it has simply been covered over with the weight of living in an unfair and often cruel world. Our work this month is remembering our light and doing what we can to recall it.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. – Rumi

Strength reminds us that recalling one’s light is not—cannot be—a forceful process. We can only coax and massage our untold stories and past traumas into awareness, and invite the perhaps warped ideas we’ve adopted along the way about the way the world is to undergo closer investigation. As adults, we are more capable of understanding what is real and what isn’t.

Let me say it another way:

We carry with us stories about the world that we have learned through our earliest relationships, and unless we had perfect caregivers, some or much of what we learned about the way things are as children is not accurate and no longer useful to us in our adult lives. The Strength card is a way to approach these sometimes scary, inherited stories; it is not forceful, avoidant or rejecting. It is gentle, allowing and curious.

We see a couple of clues about what those stories might be related to in the rest of the spread.

Nine of Wands suggests boundary issues, social-phobic patterns or a tendency to isolate in times of need. All of these behaviors contain codes and clues about what we have learned as children and carried with us into adulthood.

What do our patterns of isolation or refusals to accept the help of others tell us about the stories inside of us waiting to be told, to be dealt with gently with the courage of fierce compassion and gentleness that we see in the Strength card?

King of Swords always suggests to me a highly sensitive person who keeps their emotions under lock and key, and holds the world at an arm’s length. This person may project strength in the way she moves through the world, but may live in fear of exposure or of simply being seen. The Strength card is a gentle reminder that really, you do not have to be different. You do not have to reject any part of who you are. You can be guarded in the world and keep emotional expression to a minimum. But Strength also asks that you be mindful of your inner world. Honor it in private, if that feels best for you.

But June is not all about dealing with the past and doing the hard work. It’s also about fun, hope and learning. Page of Wands appeared in the spread last month, and she arrives again this month, pushing for the pursuit of new skills in the things we’re passionate about. Don’t be afraid to sign up for a class or even just order a book about something you’ve always been fascinated with.

Ace of Cups is a reminder that no matter what work you are doing or how you may feel stuck, always expect a breakthrough. Always anticipate that what is coming will be sweeter and more beautiful than you could even imagine. Expect that life will provide you with the healing and fulfillment that you need in any given moment.

Respect your fears. Honor your stories. Allow them to exist in this world with you. Do not be fooled into believing that you can simply “drop” the things that weigh you down without first identifying them and honoring the impact they’ve had on you.

The ability to approach all aspects of our being—including the parts that are like wild animals; unpredictable, powerful and threatening to our need for control—is what constitutes strength and makes way for the flexibility of the True, indivisible light of Self that we see in The Sun.

By practicing the willingness to approach the things that scare us, we begin to peel back the layers that cover over our original, enduring light.

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