Monthly Reading: July 2017

Monthly Reading: July 2017

We are all working toward something—whether it be a creative calling, a financial goal, new levels of healing at the personal or communal levels, mastery in a trade or some combination of some or all of the above.

And it’s probably safe to say, as well, that all who are working toward something find ourselves, at least from time to time, pushing forward without a real sense of where exactly we’re headed and why we’re headed there. Waist-deep in the grind, it is so easy to lose sight of whether or not our actions are actually bringing us closer or further from our desired outcomes.

Effective people aren’t necessarily any more competent or talented than others, they just know how to focus their energy and utilize the resources available to move toward what they want to achieve. Magician energy comes down to the ability to focus, direct, and use what we have to make magic. It is energy that is accessible to all of us, at all times.

Ten of Wands paired with the Two of Pentacles brings a very clear message for the passionate, creative, aspiring Magicians of this world who are pushing forward every day and by any means necessary:

Take a step back and catch your balance. Refocus. Release. Refine.

Here are some questions to ask during this process: 

Where are you going?

Why are you going there?

Which of the items on your to do list are bringing you closer to the place you want to go?

Which of the items on your to do list are bringing you further away from that place?

Do some practices that literally let you touch and hold your vision in your hands (see: Two of Pentacles). 

Make a vision board.

Write about what your day will look like when your great vision becomes your everyday reality.

Roll out your yoga mat or lay out a blanket, get in a comfortable position and visualize what your great vision looks and feels like.

Come up with your own practice that will help you tap the Magician energy; to focus, direct and use what’s available.

Of course, in addition to refocusing and refining, this process is most likely also going to involve release. Death happens.

The way the cards fell this month, Death has been paired with The Fool—a reminder that release isn’t always painful. Death can be liberating and life-giving. It can free up resources for fresher, truer endeavors. It can restore you and rejuvenate you and refresh your whole mission. Death can put you back in line with the purity of your vision, energizing you to your core.

We start out on our path with a certain set of projects, ideas and behaviors that we hope will drive us forward (see: Ten of Wands). As we continue on the path, we realize that not all of what we carry is needed. Some ideas, beliefs, projects, people, places or things may be outdated, outgrown, or relics of beliefs we’ve since let go of. We simply cannot take them all with us, nor should we.

The Four of Wands represents the ideas, beliefs, projects, people, places and things that withstand the refinement process; the enduring values that create the pillars of our sense of home as we trod along this path.

These values remind us who we are and keep us in close touch with the core of why we’re doing our chosen work in the first place. They give us a place to call home in an everchanging landscape.

Being on the right path means being willing to constantly step back and redefine what the right path is. Refocus, release and refine.  Our capacity to make magic depends on it.

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