June 2018 Tarot Offering

June 2018 Tarot Offering

Whenever I see a Knight of Swords or King of Wands I immediately ask myself three questions:

Am I hurrying?
Why am I hurrying?
Where am I even going?

And then, because I usually find that I am hurrying in some shape or form, I take a few deep breaths, find my way back into my body, and recalibrate.

In a spread together, the Knight of Swords and King of Wands suggest heightened levels of restlessness, compulsive doing, overactivity, anxiety, and a reluctance to sit with something you might need to be sitting with.

There are ten million ways to avoid discomfort and the more creative you are (I won’t mention any names, King of Wands types) the better you are at coming up with elaborate ways to do so.

Fantasizing is one creative way we avoid. The character in the Two of Wands has an anxious mind (red hat) and an urge to go somewhere. Anywhere will do, except exactly where they are now.

Two of Wands depicts a sense of feeling boxed in and trapped with oneself. The globe in the character’s hand paired with their evident affluence suggest that the trapped feeling probably won’t go away with a simple change of scenery. This person has everything they’ve ever wanted or asked for, and yet they’re still searching. That’s because this urge to move comes from a place that’s far deeper than any physical location.

Even if you don’t identify with the energy of restlessness, it’s never a bad idea to pause and ground. As a collective we are leaving our bodies constantly, and it is typically only through deliberate practices that we come back.

In this spread, The Moon represents the stuff we don’t want to sit with. It’s the stuff we’re running from, even when we don’t realize we’re running. It’s the stuff that’s hiding underneath our decision to take on a project we really don’t have time for. Or the stuff that might be underlying compulsive numbing out with food, wine, or Netflix.

The thing it seems no one talks about when telling us to ground and be present is that it doesn’t always feel safe. The intellectual knowing that it’s “a good idea” to be present is often in conflict with old engrained patterns that keep us out of the body and present as a matter of survival. Because at some point, probably very early in our lives and perhaps repetitively, we learned that the present was not a safe place to be — emotionally, physically, spiritually, or energetically.

Six of Wands says that if you can feel the thing you’ve been rushing and running to avoid feeling, even for a little while, you will be blessed with valuable information that will be applied to your life path and purpose. Perhaps the thing you don’t want to feel holds the motivation you need to make a necessary change that will send a ripple of healing energy out to everyone in your circle and beyond.

Seven of Pentacles wants you to harness your fire energy for creative projects, but in a focused and committed way rather than an avoidant one. The farmer in the card is harvesting one crop, not ten. A dedicated effort to one thing is a way to harness the chaotic, ungrounded energy of Knight of Swords and King of Wands and to use it for good.

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