Sesame Bites with Fresh Coconut

Sesame Bites with Fresh Coconut

I like simple food.

I love to work with flavors but I’m actually not particularly skilled technique-wise in the kitchen so I prepare things that can be done intuitively, rather than through science or precision. The way I cook is a lot like the way I live, to be honest.

And because I’m living in a yoga studio right now, and I don’t have an oven or any of my kitchen gadgets aside from my spice grinder (never leave home without it), my quest for ease and simplicity has reached new heights.

I was craving something sweet, fatty, and slightly decadent the other day. I wanted cookie dough, actually. I’m far from home and my baking cupboard is pretty much a distant memory at this point, so I don’t have on hand any of the ingredients that go into cookie dough.

But I get real resourceful, real fast when my sweet tooth kicks in. It’s my superpower.

So magically in that moment my brain recalled that halvah is a thing. A thing with almost a cookie dough-like consistency. A thing ever so minimal; made almost exclusively out of sesame seeds, one of the few things I did have that day, left over from an attempt to make a thimble-sized batch of hummus in my grinder earlier in the week.

I dashed to the kitchen and whipped these up. And I’ve been making them every few days since.

Halvah Bites with Cinnamon & Fresh Coconut

1 cup or so of raw white sesame seeds

5 tsps of honey

1 pinch of salt

2-3 pinches of cinnamon (freshly ground, please!)

Shredded coconut (preferably fresh, but the dried kind you buy in the store would do just fine if shucking a coconut doesn’t feel do-able for you in this moment)

Grind up the sesame seeds, stopping once or twice to scrape down the sides of your grinding apparatus whether it be a grinder, bullet, or food processor. Make sure to grind as fine as you can, with as few seeds as possible left.

Dump the meal out into a bowl that’s big enough to put your hands in.

Add 3 of the 5 tsps of honey, salt, and cinnamon.

Mix everything together with your hands to create a dough. Keep kneading until it’s properly smooth and all ingredients are incorporated.

Break off pieces in whatever size you want your bites to be. 1 cup of sesame seeds made about 10 bites, for me. Knead each piece one at a time, rolling it intumblr_o4ij215S1e1rxpcp8o1_500 your palms, until it becomes a smooth marble-like ball.

At this point, you can leave the bites as-is. They make a delicious and less-decadent protein bite this way. Perhaps slightly less tempting than the fully realized form with the coconut.

If you have coconut, and you want something more decadent, put the remaining 2 teaspoons of honey on a plate.

One at a time, roll each ball in the honey, using your finger to spread it around to cover the surface of each ball with a thin layer.

Place your shredded coconut in
a bowl and roll each honey-coated bite in the coconut so that it is fully dressed.

Do this for all of them.

You can eat these guys right away and I definitely challenge you to try not to. But, they’re actually a lot better when they’ve sat in the refrigerator (just stick them on a plate, uncovered) for a bit.


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