Full Moon Reading: Support for Your Great Release

Full Moon Reading: Support for Your Great Release

Pulling three Kings is a sign. Kings speak to authority, management, capability and competence and when two or more are present, they function as a sort of green light for whatever it is that you are feeling uncertain about or needing an extra boost of support with.

With the Kings you are granted an indication of great success that will come through action and skilled management of the resources that are available to you. While the King of Pentacles is concerned with the material world—matters relating to career, finance, and in the emotional sense a level of security, safety, and stability—what it is you hope to be successful in now will involve matters of the material world. You will be taken care of.

The King of Swords speaks to one’s truth, to the fierce upholding of reality that is free from fantasy, cognitive distortion, and confusion. There’s an aspect of the task at hand that involves being true to who you truly are and honoring what is truly important above all. This King is not concerned with what is important in an emotional sense, but rather what is important in a rational sense, which speaks in terms of a greater good and one’s purpose in this life.

What The King of Swords lacks in emotional awareness, The King of Cups more than makes up for. His presence implies that the decision before you now will also have emotional considerations, and the whisperings of your heart will need to have a role. Although your heart’s desire will not be the sole factor in the decision, it must be taken into consideration.

Because as we all know the Full Moon is about release and letting go, these Kings suggest that whatever it is you are releasing at this time, you will be successful in doing so. The decision before you is a large one, for it will address concerns related to your security, personal truth and mission, and the deepest desires of your heart. The good news is that three Kings on a full moon represent a release that is successful at the highest level. They represent collaboration, cooperation and personal power, capability, and competence.

If you’re experiencing blocks around letting go that involve fear about your skills and abilities—particularly with regards to your ability to see things as they truly are, and to know what is right and to act accordingly—these three Kings tell you that there is nothing to fear. If your concerns are around finance, or the ability to provide for yourself in a material sense, again, there is nothing to fear. And lastly, if your fears around releasing involve concerns that your heart will be left alone, that your life will be marked by disconnect and isolation, or that your emotional needs will never be fully met, the King of Cups assures you that this is not the case.

These fears are all normal, by the way. Often times letting go comes with great fear; fear of the unknown, fear of uncertainty, fear that staying small may be your best bet after all. These three Kings arrived this month to dash away these fears. In cooperation with the energy of the Full Moon, they provide the support you need during this great release.

BI typically pull three cards for the readings on the blog, but I wanted some clarity around what exactly this release would be relating to, so I pulled a card to clarify. The Ten of Swords speaks to an ultimate ending, a situation in which one has been through that has been wrought with challenge and growth, but from which no further medicine will be drawn.

Pain and discomfort are often the most potent times for growth, and so when we cease to feel discomfort, we cease to grow. If a situation has left you numb, passive, bored, uninspired, depressed, or depleted, you have reached a Ten of Swords state. When a situation stops challenging you, it has taught you what you need to know and you must move on.

This does not mean that if a situation is causing you pain, you should stay. When pain becomes expected, when pain becomes the norm, when pain is the daily life, you have ceased to grow. No matter how painful, when you stay with what is familiar, you have effectively shielded yourself from uncertainty, vulnerability, and from the possibility of growth through exposure to the unexpected. 

Release can mean many things, and it can be executed or happen in many ways, but the release of this Full Moon is an active, assertive, and focused release. Some releases are passive, sometimes letting go is simply a matter of deciding to no longer chase or fight against what is. With this release, there is an element of making the choice to stop resisting change and of allowing space for the shifts that have occurred in your life to transform your reality. But this release is more so about standing up and making a choice, a choice that requires you to claim a role of authority in your life.

With the ending that is spoken of in the Ten of Swords there is opportunity for a new beginning, a rebirth, and a rejuvenation of your wild and true spirit. This is a card of hope and an indication that better must come. You have gotten everything that you could out of your current situation, and it is time to seek new ways of healing, and new situations that will facilitate higher growth.

Whatever the source of your current discontent or frustration, no more pain shall come from that. There’s nowhere to go but up.

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