Full Moon Reading: December 13, 2016

Full Moon Reading: December 13, 2016

This is the final Full Moon of 2016, and the last big push for release before inviting in what you wish to see in 2017 at the New Moon later this month. If you’re interested in booking a personal tarot reading to assist you with this release, check out more about my sessions and rates here

Have you recently made a decision that you didn’t quite think through? The Seven of Swords implies an impulsive move that may have put into motion a burst of energy that would have benefitted from a bit more thought and care. 

Or it may be that you’re trying to manage everything yourself when what’s needed at this time is cooperation. The urge to decline assistance is often rooted in the need to feel in control, and a fear of uncertainty. You may be isolating yourself because you believe that others do not have your best interests at heart.

Your tendency to isolate is likely prohibiting you from going as far as you might otherwise go. It may be time to stop, reflect, and consider where you might be unnecessarily blocking your heart from connection with others.

Contrary to popular belief, independence is not the hallmark of healthy personhood. When we are healthy we possess a balance of self-reliance and healthy dependence on those who are able to more adequately provide what we cannot provide for ourselves.

We each have unique gifts and offerings, yet a cultural obsession with individualism blocks the wealth of diverse blessings available.

The inability to share is a continuing theme that’s carried over from last week. It’s a good time to check where you may be running strictly on ego, the need to be special, or a scarcity mentality that says there is not enough good—or enough credit and accolades—to go around.

If you are feeling threatened for any reason, it’s a good time to check into the reality of that. More than likely, you are safe. Don’t let your mind fool you, or carry you away from what really matters: Connection, community, cooperation and spiritual evolution.

The Three of Pentacles continues the push toward finding union with those around you rather than yielding to the urge to do everything yourself. In order for this to be successful you may also need to work on focusing and drawing in your varying ideas and energies so that you do not become subject to leaking or losing energy to people or projects that aren’t serving the higher vision.

This is also a gentle reminder that work does not need to be treacherous or dull. If you’re passionate about something, spiritually motivated toward action, or gifted in a certain area, these are invitations that are extended to you directly from Spirit. Inspiration is an invitation to act, and it is up to you what you choose to do from there.

Three speaks to work that fuels our personal development. If you’ve been feeling scattered or disorganized with a heap of seemingly competing and incompatible skills and visions, the Three of Pentacles is a boon that says things will start to click soon, if they aren’t already.

You are making a shift toward doing the kind of work that is your soul purpose and calling. Work of this kind is not always easy to come upon, but when it is found it brings deep transformation.

King of Cups warns against being too caught up in formal titles or empty privileges. Sometimes we want things merely because we believe we should want them, or that acquiring a certain status would gain the respect and even envy of others. These are ego-generated beliefs and have little to do with personal and spiritual growth. If you are bored, depressed, or otherwise feeling stuck, it may be time to let go of a position that is no longer inspiring or working for you.

The King warns that even with power and influence in your community, it is still possible to have scarce personal authority in your own life and work. Be aware of compromising your creativity and imagination for the sake of fulfilling a social or moral obligation. There is deeper work on offer, if you’re willing to let go of being what others have said you you must be.

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