Full Moon Meditation: The Wheel of Life

Full Moon Meditation: The Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Fortune is a gentle reminder that our limited understanding of the nature of things prevents us from seeing all that is available to us.

Like the moon cycle, which is literally a cycle of illusion—displaying the moon as sometimes small and sometimes large rather than always whole as it actually is—our lives, too are cycles of illusion that suggest we are more partial, more minuscule, and our souls more fickle than they truly are.

Central to our work here on Earth is the vision of freeing ourselves from the state of being caught up under this cycle of illusion, within which we believe that the possibilities are fewer than they actually are.

Finding a place in the world in which you feel at home, safe, secure and stable takes many years for many. When that time arrives, there is a feeling of bliss and relaxation that occurs; as though you have slipped into a stream and surrendered to your flow.

The Ten of Cups speaks to this place in which you feel at home in who you are, connected with those around you, and securely grounded—regardless of the specifics of your physical space.

This is a security that is felt with the heart more than anything.

But the Page of Wands paired with the Wheel of Fortune as a reminder the finding your way into this secure space is just the beginning of yet a next leg on your journey. Being happy is not all that easy, it turns out, because it is not sustainable 100% of the time. We must learn to enjoy when it flows, and to not cling when it ebbs.

It takes a new set of skills to recalibrate to a norm of satisfaction, fulfillment and wellness, while also allowing space for things to be less than perfect.

The Page of Wands arrives ready for this next step of the journey that is learning to be happy, learning to be safe, and learning to allow joy and stability as the new resting place.

The trick to the Wheel of Fortune is in remembering that there’s so much more available to us than we realize. To be in a constant state of knowing this would be enlightenment, a tall order for certain, yet possible to hold during meditation, quiet moments and prayer.

Taking a step back from a situation allows us to see it in its entirety. Withdrawal allows us to see the fuller picture, the patterns and textures being formed in the wake of our actions, and the truth that even stability cannot exist without chaos. True security is available only through learning to accept all of it at once.

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