February 2018 Monthly Tarot Offering

February 2018 Monthly Tarot Offering
Do you have a sense that you are meant to do big things but can’t put your finger on what yet?

Do you abhor the regular and feel incessantly tugged to the extraordinary?

Are you forever curious and constantly reading, listening, and seeking?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are in alignment with the energy of theMagician archetype.

Personal gifts amount to nothing without discernment—the ability to know when, how, where, why, and with whom to use them. In tarot, The Magician represents the alchemical process that occurs when you combine raw talent and capability with the wisdom of discernment.

You have many ideas and tools at your disposal – and I can say that with certainty because we all do. How will you use them?

High Priestess reminds us that listening to intuition is not always easy. We know weshould listen, and we know what happens when we don’t. And yet, it’s still hard sometimes. Why?

One of the reasons it can be so hard to hear and act on intuitive knowing is that it often means going against something that a part of us – often an unhealthy or unintegrated part – wants. It means going against the grain of our conditioning.

Listening means saying “no” to relationships that resonate with our earliest (often dysfunctional) attachments.

It means turning down offers that let us stay small when small is what we have been taught to be.

It means choosing better for ourselves, even when our ancestors couldn’t, even when their stories are woven into the threads of our very DNA.

We may have been conditioned to unworthiness, smallness, subjugation, struggle, or all of the above. Intuition is a part of the psyche that cares only about keeping these conditionings from ruining us. So it speaks to us in a nonverbal language that whispers: “that choice you are making or are about to make, that’s notyou.”

In this time, to forsake your gifts is not only allowed, it is encouraged. But let’s forget that for a moment.

Judgment asks: What do you want to be remembered for? Why did you come here? And yes, you are more than welcome to squander another hour, day, week, month, year. Knock yourself out.

The Magician’s discernment and High Priestess’ intuition are tools that are here to help you—if you choose—to remember your gifts and to use them. But no one is going to force you.

When loss happens, discernment (The Magician) will help you sink to the bottom of that void (Five of Cups) to retrieve the psychic treasure that is buried there. And it will help you to know when it’s time to come back up for air.

Intuition (High Priestess) will help you with knowing what must die, when, and allowing it. New life always requires a trade: a death of some sort has to happen, and it has been so since forever. You can cling to the old, but as long as you do the new will evade you.

You are not exempt from the rule that taking a big step toward a new life involves fear. Sorry, it just does, and it is arrogant to expect otherwise.

If you wait for fear to subside before you make your move, you will lose many days or even years of your life in the process. Instead, maybe you can try to go forth with fear in tow (Six of Swords). Welcome it onboard, respect it, give it a seat in your vehicle. But whatever you do, do not let it drive.

Masculinity becomes toxic when it is overused, overburdened, and out of balance. There are times in life when it is useful to be a smidge more in the masculine (King of Swords).

Get out there and do, go for what you want, be ruthless in the curation of your life. Cut off whatever is rubbing you raw or sapping your psychic energy, and don’t say sorry. If cutting feels too laborious, just say “yes” to more of the people and things that feed you. Starve the other stuff until it withers away.

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