Tarot Tuesday: Compassion + Self-Disclosure

Tarot Tuesday: Compassion + Self-Disclosure

As a tarot reader, I do not—nor will I ever—claim to be an objective, clear channel that a higher power flows through. I have a personal daily yoga practice to experience a sense of oneness with God, but I don’t call myself capable of channeling God—or any higher power for that matter—on demand.

I am a human being, complete with all the standard trimmings of the homo sapien mind. I bring biases, aversions, avoidance tactics, and often intense emotional responses to things that trigger me. I don’t believe it’s possible to transcend or put those things to the side, entirely. If I could do that, I would not be a human.

With tarot, my reading style is heavily influenced by the community of psychotherapists that have pretty much raised me. One thing I’ve learned from being around behavioral scientists is that as healers, regardless of what intuitive abilities we may believe we have or our specific therapeutic orientations, the fact is that we use our minds to facilitate the services we offer. As long as our minds are involved, our humanity is present in our sessions; our biases, personal histories, and yes, where we’re at emotionally in our lives, all affect the work we do with clients.

As some of you know, I quit my job six months ago, went to the West Indies, and made a commitment to be who I am and to do what matters most to me personally as much as possible moving forward. This meant coming “out” as a tarot reader; building a business that is location-independent; and creating space in my life to have fun, which meant postponing graduate school, indefinitely. As a result of these changes, I feel good. Hella good.

So yeah, these cards I read each week reflect where I’m at personally, without a doubt, always. And if you read my weekly spreads, and you make it past the first paragraph or so, something in the questions they ask and the messages they bring resonates with you, too. So I believe it’s all good.


The number ten in any suit represents completion and connection with your current truth which is simply that you are presently in a mindset of abundance, not lack. The word abundance is such a cliche in our community that I’m cringing as I write it, but there really is no better word to describe the state you’re in when the Ten of Pentacles card shows up. Perhaps you’ve been hustling and grinding and scraping for years, trying to make one lick of sense from your interests and skills and connections, and then one day, as if suddenly—the dots start connecting. You begin to see a broader perspective in which things are no doubt falling together; and it’s clearer than ever how your unique gifts and talents fit neatly into the scheme.

Keep in mind that while this card represents completion, it does not at all suggest that your work is done. On the contrary, you are being asked to balance this newfound feeling of contentment with the drive to still push further toward greatness. There are yet more mountains to climb, and ever deeper levels to make contact with and grow from.

Think of yourself as having completed one of many levels; enjoy your success, pat yourself on the back, but do not become lazy. Don’t be fooled into thinking that hardship will not return again when the time comes to learn more lessons. As good as you feel in this moment, it is still a time for building and thinking of long-term security and sustainability. Congratulate yourself for making it through this last wave of challenges and growth. You’ve been through some shit, and make no mistake: You have earned each ounce of the peace and satisfaction you feel now.

You are feeling whole again; emitting your own unique energetic footprint, rather than absorbing a sense of self from the energy scraps of those around you. You are feeling quite complete, after a period of perhaps feeling something missing, broken, or not enough.

When we feel good, good comes to us. And that’s exactly what has either happened or will happen this week with the arrival of the Knight of Cups—a message, an announcement, a piece of good news is either arrived or on its way. The cups suit speaks to matters of the heart and the emotional self, and so this news will likely be related to an existing or new relationship, a pregnancy, birth, or family matter.

A project that you’ve held close to your heart may finally receive funding; a deal you’ve been waiting on may go through; the ideal space to conduct your business or nonprofit may become available; or you may receive word that someone influential is now supporting your work. Whatever it is that your heart desires most deeply and truly, news which carries the essence of affirmation, validation, and the sealing up of something that is deeply right and good, is on the way.

With the King of Cups seated right next to the Knight, you may find yourself enveloped in an exquisite balance of a blessed masculine energy that is compassionate, nurturing, and gentle. There may be a powerful, dominant male in your life who is showing you a vulnerability and softness that you’ve never before experienced in a man.

My friend, Dr. Dennis Tirch is a psychologist who has dedicated his life’s work to teaching compassion skills for healing. He says, “our truest bravery and inner authority comes from our compassion.” And that is what the King of Cups is asking us to consider. How can we achieve true authority over our lives, our behaviors, our selves as free, flexible beings?

This liberation and the strength to live well is indeed brought forth at least in part through a willingness to approach the things that challenge us—about our selves and about others—with an attitude of tenderness and compassion. Through relentless openness to what disgusts, scares, repulses, triggers, and challenges us and our attachments to the things of this world that we hold dear, we transform into royal beings who are at once strong, brave, courageous, gentle, soft, and kind.

As female cards tend to be more about states of being, male cards speak to actions. The combination of the Knight and King of the cups suit here asks that as you move through your week you keep your actions rooted in kindness, generosity, and the greater good.

Before making any major decisions this week, ask yourself: Will my choices bring me closer toward my dreams, or is the primary motivation to avoid my nightmares? If you find yourself tempted to make choices that are primarily about escaping from something that scares you, remember the King of Cups and his brave compassion. The things that scare you the most about yourself will continue to hold authority over you until you actively choose to bathe them in the light of compassionate awareness.

As you move through this week, seek ways to actively practice compassion toward the things you dislike about yourself, and also toward those qualities you dislike in others. Take the time to look deeply into the nature of the behaviors that disturb you—both your own and those of others. Tell your self and others, “I understand.” Notice the transformation that occurs.

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