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Tarot Skills: A Live Virtual Tarot Reading Workshop
Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 2-4pm EST.

tarot skills a virtual tarot reading workshop $110 april 13 2-4pm est

Tuition: $110
Tarot Skills is a workshop for tarot readers who are interested in incorporating emerging insights about the human mind from the fields of psychology and behavioral science into their work with the cards. Through the following objectives, participants will learn to read tarot in a way that is engaging, effective and trauma-informed.
Learning objectives:
1. Review the basics of 78 card decks including major arcana, minor arcana and court cards as they relate to human psychology and behavior
2. Introduce and learn to incorporate key concepts from the fields of psychology and behavior (ex. mindfulness, acceptance/avoidance, compassion, willingness/willfulness, self-differentiation) into readings
3. Learn to listen actively, ask change-oriented questions, use cards to help clients craft empowering narratives, interpret cards through a strengths-focus, and shift the reader/seeker dynamic toward one that is collaborative as opposed to hierarchal
4. Review trauma-informed principles and how they can be applied to readings
Space is limited and refunds will not be issued. To reserve your spot or request additional information, email me at