Classes + Workshops

Therapeutic Tarot: An Interactive Webinar
Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 2-4pm EST.
Tuition: $110
Therapeutic Tarot is an interactive, seminar-style webinar for learning to use tarot cards for both healing and behavior change. While many connections have been made between tarot and psychoanalysis — a traditional style of psychotherapy that emphasizes exploration and integration of the unconscious — far less has been done to forge connections between contemporary models of therapy, which are primarily focused on behavior change. During this two hour virtual workshop, we will explore how to weave concepts and skills from popular therapies including cognitive behavioral and mindfulness-based therapies into card work to inspire psychological flexibility and values-driven action through both instruction and practice. This workshop is best for those with some existing knowledge of tarot, readers who want to be more effective with clients, and mental health professionals interested in incorporating tarot into your practice. Bring your favorite tarot deck and be prepared to take notes. Please note: This webinar is meant to be informational. Participation does not qualify you to do therapy or to market the work you are doing as therapy if you are not already licensed and trained to do so.
Space is limited and refunds will not be issued. To reserve your spot or request additional information, email me at
Tarot Fundamentals: A Virtual Workshop
Saturday, February 16, 2019 from 3-5pm EST.
Tuition: $60

Tarot Fundamentals is a virtual workshop for learning to use tarot as a tool for intuitive development, self-realization, and healing. In addition to the live workshop, tuition also includes access to the Tarot Fundamentals self-paced online course. Great for beginner and novice-level readers, this workshop is based on classic 78 card, 4 suit tarot decks and includes an overview of the four suits, major arcana, minor arcana and court cards. Participants will learn methods for learning and interpreting the cards, as well as simple, practical instructions on how to read any spread. Bring your questions, your favorite deck, and something to take notes.

Space is limited and refunds will not be issued. To reserve your spot or request additional information, email me at