Monthly Tarot Reading: August + New Moon

Monthly Tarot Reading: August + New Moon

With the arrival of the New Moon on August 2nd, we’re once again being asked to clarify our intentions and to plant seeds for what we’d most like to harvest at the end of this next cycle.

Because the Sun card is here, these intentions are likely to reflect a freedom to express yourself  in a way that honors your deepest values. Any fears around rejection or abandonment have been cast to the side, and there is new space for the knowledge that as long as you are you, there is nothing to lose worth having.

Perhaps you’re seeing something clearly for the first time that’s been hidden or distorted for ages. The exposure of this truth, while painful, will have the effect of setting you free. Do not be afraid of reality, for with it comes the potential for true liberation beyond your wildest dreams.

And dreaming is actually encouraged now. The Sun signals the emergence of our greatest hopes realized, but this can only occur when our actions are in alignment with our true self. In other words, when you know what you want, don’t talk about it. Be about it.

To be sure, you’ve been through some dark times to arrive here. But everything you’ve been through up to this point has prepared you to receive what you’ve asked for. Allow yourself the experience of living a stripped-down, simple life, doing the things you enjoy most.

At last, you are experiencing the freedom and flow that comes with walking confidently in your truth. Even though there is fear, there is also excitement for what’s to come. Your true life purpose has not only been realized, it is tangible and observable in everything you do.

Unlike the Moon, which deals with intuition and the unseen, the Sun represents physical, behavioral, and earthly experience. There is a sacred union that is occurring between your spiritual, emotional, and physical realities; the different aspects of your self have aligned in such a way that is positive, productive, and beneficial.

It is likely that the last month of summer will have you finding your stride on a path that is at once new and familiar. Even though you are in the early stages of this radical shift, there is a strong sense that you have been here before because you have found your way home.

The Ace of Swords suggests that there’s a new need for mental precision and skill, in terms of the people and places you’ll be focusing on. Now is truly not the time for distraction or ambiguity and you do need to be choosy about the ways you configure your days and the energies you choose to mix with. Visualize yourself holding a single-pointed focus, with your gaze fixed on the true Self; for now, anything that threatens to distract you may be best left out.

Be cautious of turning even a little bit towards those people and situations that aren’t supporting what you’re doing. True team mates will never leave you guessing, so remember that even an ounce of energy spent wondering is energy wasted.

Life is certainly not always a constant forward or upward trajectory, but when things are flowing, milk the momentum while it lasts. There is a season for looking toward darkness and shadow. Right now, let your gaze stay forward and up.

And keeping your eyes on the prize is always easier to do when abundance is promised, as is the case when The Empress shows up. Often interpreted as a sign of a looming pregnancy or birth, she is an emblem of production that emerges through the perfect balance of patience, gratitude, and assumed abundance. Believe that all is and will continue to be taken care of as long as you are solid in your being, and you will receive more than your share.

Are you even ready to receive the fruits of the work you were put here to do? If you’ve always associated earning money with drudgery or sacrifice, for instance, you may encounter mental blocks around receiving adequate pay for work that you love and are passionate about.

It can come as a surprise that receiving what you truly long for is not always as easy as it sounds. Ask yourself how open and willing you truly are to receive the most attractive possibilities available.

Particularly if you are stepping into your life purpose or pursuing work you love for the first time, you may experience doubt, skepticism and even outright fear around putting a dollar sign on something you bring just by being who you are.

Be firm and patient in receiving proper compensation for your gifts. It will take time to find those who know the true value of what you offer; do not sell yourself short for those who have yet to tap their own abundance.

The first step to getting what you want is knowing what you want. Now is as good a time as ever to be selfish and focus on nurturing your own wellness and growth. You are becoming who you were meant to be, and it has been far from an easy transformation. Be uncompromising in your principles and unwilling to waste energy otherwise. Allow nothing and no one to obstruct this process.

Do you, all is coming.


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