April 2018 Monthly Tarot Offering

April 2018 Monthly Tarot Offering

Even though I don’t do predictions in my work with tarot, I (sort of) make an exception for the Ace cards.

To me, the Aces ask that we orient ourselves toward the expectation of a breakthrough in an area of life that has felt stuck or frozen. I can’t tell you what’s going to happen, because most of the time I don’t know.

But what I do know is that there are actual physiological changes that happen when we practice visualization (think about how when you’re anxious and visualizing catastrophe, your heart rate speeds up), and that these changes can, in turn, change the way we see and move in the world. That shift might make the difference between continuing to choose stasis, or taking a leap of faith.

And how appropriate—in the first month of Spring—that we have not one, but two breakthrough cards, the Ace of Wands and the Ace of Pentacles, which relate specifically to the areas of creativity and personal security.

Instead of asking what might go wrong, or fusing with storylines of frustration and stuckness, orient your expectation toward the possibility of a breakthrough. See if that changes things. Hey, maybe it won’t change anything. But why not try it?

Say it silently, write it down in your journal, or recite it in your prayers: A breakthrough is coming.

Three of Pentacles may be related to these coming breakthroughs. It speaks of connecting with like minds with different, but complementary skillsets. Of being recognized for your talents. Of stepping into your rightful role in your chosen field, and being seen by others as someone with something worthwhile to offer.

In the wintertime, it may have served you to temporarily withdraw the need for others’ opinions or approval. It may have been just the medicine you needed to turn inward and practice validating yourself instead of relying on others to reflect the worthiness of your experience back to you. But it is springtime now, and the truth remains: You still need people.

It’s okay to need validation from others. It’s okay to desire recognition from others. It’s okay to want to be liked, seen, and acknowledged for what you bring to the table. Three of Pentacles says, “hey, let yourself want this.” To the extent that you can allow yourself to want it—or need it, as it may be—it is available to you.

Allowing yourself to want validation from others may feel dangerous. It may require wading through old fears of rejection, inadequacy, or an “outsider” complex. But you can only have social support if you can allow yourself to want it. (Conversely, the longer you deny that you need others, the longer you will go without the validation, recognition, and support that you crave.)

Page of Swords keeps the balance by reminding you that while you do need people, you must choose those who support you, unequivocally.

There are going to be people around who won’t be comfortable with you making progress and thriving, and this will always be true. Instead of trying to change them, get to know the part of you that gravitates toward unsupportive people.

Maybe the part of you that seeks support from the unsupportive is a relic from your childhood. Perhaps you had a depressed parent, or a struggling family member who was so absorbed in their own struggles that they were not available to offer you the support that you needed. You may have even made an unconscious agreement that so long as they suffered, you would too.

Page of Swords asks that you take steps to cut that cord if you continue to watch yourself gravitate toward those who are pained by your growth.

Cord-cutting doesn’t need to be cruel. It can always be compassionate. In the majority of cases, people do not mean harm. They do the best they can with what they have and sometimes their best is not good enough. If you have been blessed, you can go forth and prosper. You’re not doing anyone a favor by staying small for their comfort.

The message of the Four of Cups is super simple so I’ll keep it the same:

Give the lion’s share of your attention to the things that you want to see more of. Whether that be the projects, friendships, the things that make you feel good and alive—fix your gaze on those things and if you get distracted (and we all do), bring it back, gently.

I’ll repeat for emphasis: Focus on the things that you want to see more of.

There are times in life for planting, times in life for tending, times in life for harvesting, and times in life for resting. If we are attuned with the seasons, we may have been resting, marinating, and incubating ideas all winter, and now it is Spring—the time for planting.

Eight of Wands reminds us to trust the process. If a plant hasn’t blossomed yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t. Things are constantly moving, even if the movement is so slight that it is imperceptible. It is those who know the nature of this process and are able to put faith in it that are successful in their endeavors.

Plant your seeds, do your practice, launch your projects. A breakthrough is coming.

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