Tarot Tuesday: Act Like Royalty

Tarot Tuesday: Act Like Royalty

So, full disclosure: I just left Jamaica and I’ve been feeling pretty disconnected from my cards this week. It happens every so often that I get uninspired and the cards stop making sense. I pull cards with my coffee every morning and sometimes, I just feel nothing. Lately, I feel nothing.

But I’m doing my best stay committed to this project even when I don’t feel like it. So I pulled three cards. And I’m going to read them.

Ten of Cups + Queen of Wands + King of Cups.

When I first started studying tarot, I kept a journal with a page dedicated to each card. I’d pull one card every morning, and sometimes one at night too, and I’d take notes on each of the cards using books, websites, and my own intuitions, to help me learn their meanings.

These were the first two lines I wrote about the Ten of Cups:

Stability, homely comfort, fertility, free flow of feelings

Happiness, joy, emotional fulfillment, an almost idyllic state of peace, harmony + love

This positive omen meets us right where we left off last week—in that same space of stability and peace that was on offer with the Four of Wands. Of course nothing lasts forever; no matter how secure you may feel at any given moment, impermanence can annihilate you, always. But for now, you’re still enjoying this peaceful state, which you’ve cultivated by committing to a dedicated spiritual practice that’s helped you shift the way you relate to the things in life that challenge you.

You may have met someone—romantic or platonic—who you feel immediately comfortable with, free to be your truest self, and instantly at ease. You may be returning home after a long trip abroad, or settling into a new apartment after enduring a less than ideal living situation. You are not someone who is afraid to leave your comfort zone, but you are there now, taking rest. Soak it up.

All of that was suggested to you last week with the presence of the Four of Wands and is being reaffirmed again here with the Ten of Cups. Now check out this rainbow of cups in the image.

Such fantastic imagery. Because even though this card is often interpreted as being about happiness, joy, and positive emotions, the reality is that happiness actually comes from the ability to experience a wide range of feelings. Remember that the cups represent our emotional selves. The Ten of Cups speaks to radical acceptance; that willingness to allow the vast rainbow that is the human experience. This is the only way to experience true, enduring wellness.*

Enter Queen of Wands. Delicious, feminine, ultra creative, incubative energy is surrounding you. You are working with the things you’re passionate about daily, even if only for a few minutes. The items, products, people, projects, and blueprints that were once mere thought matter, journal scribbles, or distant fantasies are now in front of you, in your hands, real. Your material world is beginning to reflect your “dream life.” Such is the energy of the Queen of Wands, and so is yours at this time.

This Queen represents a a balance of passivity and passion, of ease and effort, of being at once a go-getter, as well as one who possesses the poise to wait patiently with an idea until the ripest time comes. Yes, some of what you’ve dreamt up is emerging into the material plane, but some is still in that hazy visualization stage. This is the way it should be; not everything can come into the world at once.

Your ideas are precious, hold them close and nurture them in private until they are mature enough to be launched into being. You’re at the top of your game creatively, but if you let your excitement overwhelm you or push you into acting too soon out of impatience or haste, your work will suffer. Queens don’t rush.

Also, intuitive abilities are especially sharp when Queens are involved, so if you’re not sure about something, hold off until you are sure. Be patient (another Queen quality). Stay dreaming on it. When the proper time to make a move arrives, you’ll know it.

And yes…the King of Cups. The dream man (also known as bae) and a continuation of the theme of balance that is all up in this spread. This King brings with him hyper-masculine, outward-focused male energy. But his uber-maleness is paired with and made whole by the ultra feminine symbol that defines him—the cup in his hand. Your days lately are not without deep feelings—remember the rainbow of the ten of cups invites joy, loneliness, delight, and even rage—but you’ve learned to relate to your inner world like royalty. Regardless of what occurs inside of you, you stay graceful, cool, and calm in your being. That’s that King quality.

This King greets his feelings with physical acts of kindness, so in the spread he’s suggesting you learn to do so as well. Establish rituals to make your less attractive emotions feel welcomed. When you’re washing dishes at the sink and loneliness shows up unannounced say, “oh, hey there,” …And draw a bath, or crawl gently into bed with a cup of tea, making space for the disconnectedness to do its thing, and pass through. Be like the King, a good and gracious host. Feel the peace that comes from behaving like royalty, even in the face of internal obstacles.

This divine balance of masculine/feminine, joy/sorrow, effort/ease is building stability and blessing your life and all you do at this time.

I’m still working out how to offer predictive material that shows up in general readings like this but I have to say that the placement of the King and Queen next to one another, plus the Ten of Cups, is a very strong indicator of a long-term, emotionally fulfilling and secure partnership.

Particularly if you identify with either the Queen (are you a creative, resourceful, driven and fiery Goddess?) or the King (are you an emotionally mature, family-oriented, sensitive, and laid back G?), then do not be surprised if your King/Queen is on his/her way to you soon. After all, you’ve done the work and I think you’re ready.

*In 2014, a team of psychology and business researchers published results of a study which found that in a sample of 73,000 people, happiness was not actually about who felt the most positive emotions. In fact, it was those who experienced the broadest range of different emotions who enjoyed higher levels of physical and mental wellness.

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