Tarot Tuesday: There Are No Mistakes.

Tarot Tuesday: There Are No Mistakes.

Natural laws of cause and effect dictate that whether we are immediately able to see it or not, everything that comes to be has been set in motion somehow, some way, through past actions.

This is also known as karma, which is the only true justice, the natural law enforcement of Spirit.

If this week’s reading finds you dissatisfied with a situation, you are being asked to examine what has led to this moment. Certainly, no matter how big or small, this situation has not simply appeared from nothing. It has been caused, by an event or a chain of events. And in order for us to find reconciliation and healing, we must address what has brought us to where we are.

If something is leaving your life and it’s painful, all that has caused this departure is a part of divine order, as well, and cannot be reversed. Have you acted in a way that you regret, or that feels like a mistake? Allow Justice to remind you that there are no mistakes. Everything happens exactly as it was meant to, whether the results are pleasant or grotesque, equitable or unjust, good or bad, right or wrong.

The results of past actions, particularly the unpleasant ones, give us the unique opportunity to look deeply to find what is below the surface. Perhaps a relationship—be it romantic, platonic, business, political, tribal, family, or otherwise—is ending due to ongoing disharmony, imbalance or discord.

Whatever the imbalance that has led to the circumstances warranting this departure, it has been based on a fundamental truth that demands honoring. When imbalance is present, situations are uncomfortable. There is something to be learned, dealt with, or worked through.

When things fall apart, be aware of the traps of self-blame or self-criticism. Throughout life we act on what information we receive intuitively, whether or not that insight is compatible with what our ego thinks is best for us. Sometimes when we push people away or act out of self-preservation, it is the higher Self operating above the ego, the part of us that can’t help but sabotage a situation knowing that it is wrong. Even when the ego refuses to let go.

Trust in what has transpired and be willing to accept that what has come to be is meant to be.

When we embrace the message of the Justice card, we are in awareness that there are no mistakes in this life, only choices that have shaped us into who, what, and where we are today. We create ourselves through the decisions we make, and we have inherited this trait from our Creator: We cannot and do not make mistakes.

If you are struggling with self-doubt or fear, be still and envision your truest, highest self. Repeat aloud the phrase “I always make the right choice.” Understanding that everything you do leads you to exactly where you need to be, what you need to learn, and who you need to meet gives you a new take on life. One that makes way for greater fearlessness, self-compassion, and wisdom.

Three of Pentacles brings us into the next phase. As you move forward, be on the look out for unexpected partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. Hold in your mind and heart the ideal that relationships that are built on mutual respect, trust, and a shared vision are indeed possible.

Don’t be too quick to jump into anything new if the vibe is off—the Ace of Pentacles affirms that you don’t need to rush. If you trust, ground, and have patience, you will have the security that you need to do what is in your highest interest and the interest of the collective.

The Three of Pentacles speaks to work that unites spiritual awareness with practical skill and it is a sign that whatever challenge you are facing now will be a part of the uniting of these forces within you. Spiritual work on its own is not enough for what is needed in these times. It is only through the unification of spiritual health, practical knowledge, and technical skills that real, lasting impact becomes possible.

Remember the Justice card. Whatever situation it is that you’re in now is leading you to a place of finding this union. You are either finding deep spiritual healing in a difficult situation, or you are being pushed out of your comfort zone to develop new skills related to your life’s work. Either way, you are being elevated to the level represented by the Three of Pentacles: The combined forces of spiritual and practical wisdom.

Ace of Pentacles punctuates this week’s reading with a solid foundation for the next steps of your path that will be birthed directly from your present challenge. Whatever direction it is that you’ve chosen to go, challenge your attachment to the source of security you’ve come to rely on.

It may be money, or a manner of living, or an expense you’ve grown accustomed to but might be okay to do without in the service of your longer term vision. It may also be a relationship, a job, or a living space.

Whatever your source of security is now, the Ace of Pentacles suggests that you will be supported should you chose to move on and take a leap toward something different. Security is available you, in a new shape and form—likely even in unimaginable and surprising ways—if you are ready to take the leap to claim it.

Remember the message of Justice: I always make the right choice.

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