Winter Solstice Reading: December 20, 2016

Winter Solstice Reading: December 20, 2016

At the fundamental level, the Sun represents the freedom to be who you are. Even if you are not one hundred percent sure about the direction you need to go in, you are experiencing great clarity—on some level—about who you are at the core, and what matters to you.

It is as if someone is shining a flashlight into some of the darker, hidden places inside of you, freeing you from the shadows or the subtle grip of any unseen dark energy. Awareness of dark energy shifts its power and empowers you to work with it, so while the Sun does not mean everything is love and light, you’re in a state of heightened awareness and finding personal power in learning to work with the dark matter in your life and being.

As a result, you are experiencing an unprecedented level of freedom to be your highest self. The underlying and bottom line message here is that you are on the right path. You always have been.

Throughout our lives we spend so long learning to conceal our true selves that it takes time and sustained effort to unlearn and recover from the impulse to hide. There is a learning curve. The Page of Pentacles speaks to this young, fresh energy and brings the message that no matter how far you’ve come, as you step into who you truly are you are still starting fresh. Don’t be afraid to start over.

Keep in mind that even if you feel like you’re starting a brand new endeavor or setting out at the foot of a new path, none of what you’ve gathered along the way has to go away. Some will, necessarily. But what you carry along with you on this new journey is up to you. Take what works and release what doesn’t. Meditate on an energy of lightness and youth. There is much sweetness in being a beginner, full of hope and promise.

Hold lightly to any material markers of your personal or professional progress over the past few months or years. Things are not what make you successful, but if it is things you want you will have no trouble acquiring them. After all, the page is the young King or Queen or Pentacles; the emblems of security and groundedness. The presence of the Knight in this spread affirms that this is very likely your trajectory. Giving up a little bit now will pay off in the future.

Now is your special time to delight in learning, again. Be a student, not an expert. Cultivate curiosity. Teach yourself to be at peace with the vulnerability of not knowing. Relinquish the need to be an expert or teacher. Right now, you only need to dedicate yourself and commit to re-setting, reprogramming, and learning new ways of being and doing. You do not need to produce anything just yet. Relax. Humble yourself.

You’re in for a stretch of unglamorous and possibly mundane work (and winter solstice marks the start of an ideal time for this, anyway). The Knight of Pentacles shows you moving steadily, even slowly, along a particular path. You are building something that will bring you the security, grounding and stability that you crave, but it will require learning to be okay with all of these things. Relish the excitement of the Page’s student energy, because the longer leg of this journey is not necessarily about excitement and it’s best you come to grips with that.

Remind yourself that life is not here to entertain and stimulate you constantly. That will come later. Now is the time to put your head down, and one foot in front of the other toward a high vision. Even if you’re not sure the exact coordinates of where it is you’re going, the idea here is to commit to something and be willing to stick it out. This new thing, which is pictured in the Page of Pentacles card, has the potential to multiply and bear many fruits in the future.

The Sun brings a close connection to who you truly are and what motivates you. Access that place through meditation, journaling, pulling cards, painting, playing music, dancing, talking with a close friend or enjoying a nourishing, tasty meal. From there, choose a path—whether it is a course of study, new skill, lifestyle change or practice—that is aligned with who you are. Trust in your ability to make that choice. Remember that there is no wrong path. Nonetheless, now is a time for choosing. Choose, and don’t look back.

Happy solstice.

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